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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Trust your hunches copyAs this was my “Super Session Saturday” weekend, I did a buttload of readings (and loved every moment of it!) and I saw some interesting patterns emerge.

One of them was that many of my clients get accurate guidance – in whatever way they get it. Some hear it (like me), some feel it and some just know it. However it comes, through, it’s accurate.

But they just don’t trust it. They worry that they’re making it up. Or because it fits what they want, their mind must be fooling them into thinking that it’s guidance when really it’s just wishful thinking.

I can’t tell you how many times this week I said this: “See? There’s nothing I told you that you didn’t already know!” and they’d agree that’s true.

What they needed was some validation of what they were receiving. And it’s really nice when it comes through a third (objective) party who doesn’t know all the details.

But what is it that really, truly stops them from trusting the guidance they already get?

My sense is that some of it is fear.

What if I get guidance to do some wacky thing that makes me look like a fool? Will others laugh at me?

What if I do it and I find out that I DID make the whole thing up? (That would suck, wouldn’t it?)

As Robert Ohotto says “What happens is your answer” – meaning, when you follow what you believe to be guidance, the results of that action will tell you if it was true guidance or something you pulled out your butt.

Lisa’s True Life Story #598

A couple years ago when I wanted to leave the day job to do this work full-time, I asked my husband what he’d need from me to feel more comfortable with the idea. He said “I’d like to have $6000 in the bank in savings.” (Well, sheesh! Who wouldn’t, right?) I thought “Where in heaven’s name will I get $6000?” Not knowing where, I put it out to the Universe and said “I need some help and I need it now, please.” and went on about my business.

About three weeks later (and yes, this is a true story, ask any of my friends), a former client wrote and said he wanted to thank me for all the help I’d given him. Guess what he sent as a thank you?




That almost knocked the husband out.

Could I have predicted it would come that way? Of course not. But I trusted that if this was aligned with my path, it would show up.

I trusted my Guides when they said “Help is on the way” (They told me this through my own coach, actually.)

And it did.

So, if you’re unsure about the guidance you get, put it into action. See what happens when you trust your Guides enough to LISTEN to them and take action. See if it doesn’t change things for the better. That’s the only way you’ll truly know if you can trust what you get.

“What happens is your answer.”

If you have difficulty trusting your guidance, tell us why. I’d love to know so that maybe I can offer suggestions, ideas or actions that might help you work through that a bit.

Please share in the comments section – I’ll be listening!