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Lisa Wechtenhiser and Angella JohnsonThis past week, I went to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend Ignite, an event my coach, mentor and good friend Angella Johnson brought to life. (Yep, that’s us on the left.)

Ignite is like Woo + Biz on steroids! There was marketing, strategy, bellydancing, drum circles, shamanic meditations, POD POCing, and tons more. [Here’s a short video I did talking about it.]

For me, it was the culmination of some deep inner work that started last year when I was out there, working on that oh-so-fun visibility thing.

Between then and now, I went back to a full-time job when my husband got laid off, realized I could no longer be in a corporate cage and had to find the strength to say “I can’t do this any more” and came back to full-time in Practically Intuitive.

All the inner work I did in the time in-between paid off, though. At Ignite, I learned that I was really ready to be out there, speaking and teaching in a way I was terrified of just one year ago. I shared the stage with three of Angella’s private clients, talking about our work with her and how it’s shifted us AND our business. When I had to pass the mic to Paula Mosier, I had this thought “but I have more to say!” and that was the moment I knew – it’s time to do this.
Lisa Wechtenhiser Ignite

What I want to share with you is this: sometimes big shifts happen in the blink of an eye and sometimes they take longer than we’d like.
Know that however long it takes is exactly the right time for you. 

While I wanted to run amok on Angella’s stage (here’s me practicing some non-amok-running), I know that my time will come.

And yours will, too.  If you are willing to face the fears that come up when you take on a challenge, whether in business or somewhere else, on the other side of that fear is what you desire. Isn’t that worth it?

Think back on all the times you were scared to death to do something and you went ahead and did it anyway. Even if it was a complete bust, chances are you learned something that will serve you well the next time.

If you’re in the middle of a shift now, keep going.

Do your inner work.

Trust the process.

Make sure you have help. 

And maybe one day you’ll find yourself on a stage in front of a hundred people, helping them create transformations of their own.

That’s my dream.

What’s yours?