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And trust me, I know whereof I speak!

Each month, I do work around a particular theme – doing strategic actions to align myself with that energy.  This is part of a larger manifesting program by Andrea Hess that I’ve used with great success over the past six months.  (I’ll be discussing that in a future post, btw.)

This month’s theme is “follow-though” and my mantra is “I finish what I start”.  That’s often been an issue for me since I love the idea of projects and the beginning but not so much the middle.  That’s where I’ve gotten stuck.  Hence, my work this month.

It’s also the month I took on about seventy bizillion projects.  How’s that for going unconscious? Ah Universe, I love you so! You always teach me what I most need to learn.   Anytime you shift your vibration to move to another level, it stirs up all kinds of things and the dust I’ve managed to kick up is all around me right now!

So, I’m going to offer myself advice about how not to get overwhelmed as I work through this challenge.

1.  Look at the big picture: Where are you going – not just in the moment but overall and ask yourself: how does this project, idea, “must do now” thing fit into that picture? If it doesn’t have an immediate fit, revisit it again in a week or even a month when you take a big picture look at things again.  For me, this means pulling out a calendar and scheduling tasks in there so I don’t end up with a hundred projects now and nothing in, say, September.

2.  Understand how your own process works: Are you someone who can multi-task? Can you take on thirty things and revel in the swirling chaos? Or are you someone who can handle two big things and do them well?  My limit on juggling things is about three big things and a few small things.  Right now, I have about five big things and sixteen trillion small things and that throws me out of balance and into chaos.  Remember that it’s okay to set limits for yourself – especially once you know your own process.

3.  Cut yourself some slack if you don’t quite manage it all: If you’ve managed to overload yourself, it’s okay.  It’s a lesson to remind you not to do that again.  Remember it. That’s how we learn our limits.  You’d think by now I’d know mine and mostly I do but there are days when I just want to do it all and do it all RIGHT NOW!

Having to rein that part of me back in with a big “Whoa Nelly!” is essential for me staying sane.  Listen to your inner self. When you want to run away or go hide in a closet, you’ve taken on too much. Take a breath, thank the Universe/Creator for all that you have and for your enthusiasm and (this is essential) – get the lesson – in how it feels to be in chaos.  That’s so you don’t go there again. (And if you do, you might have a better idea of how to pull yourself out!)

So, today when I’m fretting that my site doesn’t look the way I want, and I’ve got a Study Group going tomorrow and a review to get working on, I’m going to remind myself to be thankful for all I have before me and take it one step, one project, one day at a time.