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You’ve got questions.  I’ve got answers. But not all of them.


Because many of the answers to your own questions have to be found by you.  Not given to you through someone else even if that someone else has a lovely, clear channel to Guides and Teachers and Angels.

See, here’s the thing: you incarnate into the physical to learn specific lessons that you cannot learn otherwise; lessons you’ve chosen prior to incarnation.  Much of your work here (vis a vis your spiritual path) is done through these lessons.  It’s a life-long pursuit, really.  You get bits and pieces and put it together, integrate it, get the lesson and keep moving,

You don’t get the lesson by someone telling you the answers.

Think back to grade school and all the tests you had to take.  What if the teacher walked up and down the aisle announcing the answers out loud?  Your whole class would get straight A’s but not one of you would understand the material you were being tested on.  By taking the lessons in smaller chunks and coming to understand the context, you get some perspective on how it all fits together.  You get it because YOU made the connections.  Not by being told by someone else.

My work, as I understand it, is like a tutor.  I help clarify the lesson, show you a couple different sides of what’s coming through, point out things you might have missed. My work is not to take the test for you.   I can’t tell you the purpose your soul chose for this incarnation.  I can’t.  That’s not mine to know.  It’s yours to find out by doing the spiritual work to understand what’s showing up for you.   I can help you read the signs and  get you back on the path if you’ve lost your way.  But I can’t answer the really big “Why am I here? What’s my soul purpose?” kind of questions.  They are yours alone to answer because that’s how you find the value in them.


I’d love to work with you to start putting the bits and pieces together and get you moving in the direction of your soul. Check out the Readings and Healing Work page to see what resonates. Wherever you start is exactly the right place to begin.