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I think that’s me.

After having a couple sessions with the wonderful Susann Taylor Shier of Soul Mastery while on vacation, I think I’ve come to understand some things about myself.

1) I can see the potential that exists for someone (client/friend, whomever) where they may not. It’s part of who I am that I want to assist them (if I am able to) in getting closer to that potential.

The more they can become who they truly are, the better it is for us all. I seek to empower those I come in contact with and Susann confirmed that this is part of my soul level DNA. She was the one who told me I’m the “Universe’s cheerleader” encouraging my friends and clients to keep going when they feel like they’ve lost hope or strength.

2) As a native of Mintaka (read about the various soul groups here), I only see Light. Meaning, I cannot wrap my head around darkness or why some would make that choice.

This is part of what allows me to hold a higher vibration, especially when working with my clients. Having a soul-level vision of what it means to live where there is no darkness at all allows me to bring you into that Light, too.

Working with Susann offered me a deeper look into who I am at that soul level and to see how it plays out during my time here on Earth.

And to me, that’s what a good intuitive reading should do:

**give perspective about where you are now

**share some thoughts about where you might go

** offer some steps on how to get there

If you’re in need of a cheerleader who is focused, grounded and lives in the Light’s vibration, I’m ready to pick up my pom-poms with your name on them!

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