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I don’t think we all truly get this – okay, well, I didn’t, anyway. Ever heard “You’ve got to love yourself before you love anyone else?” Ever said “Yeah, right.”

Sounds so trite but it really is true.

Until you are on board – body, mind, heart and soul – things can’t come together in the very best way and get you moving forward. Even if you think your flaws are legion, try to accept and love who you are right now. Because doing that gets you moving in the right direction for where and who you want to be.

I can honestly say I’m my own best friend (along with my Guides, of course.) Yeah, I do stupid stuff and I make mistakes and I fall down and pick myself back up. But I do it with love. Beating yourself up over every little thing wears you out. And how can you move toward what you want and love if you’re constantly being knocked down? You can’t.

Just for today, love yourself to pieces. It won’t hurt. I promise.