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I’ve mentioned Veronica before – April Crawford is an  open, deep-trance channel for a spirit guide called “Veronica” who shares  nuggets of wisdom in a weekly(ish) newsletter.

This one is particularly apt for where we are now in our collective consciousness.

The Importance of Self Awareness

“Each physical life offers an opportunity to expand the soul. Life lessons are created to offer the choice in regard to the accomplishment of that. The physical reality offers the choices but alas also offers many distractions that can keep one from attaining their full potential.

Attempt each day to have awareness of your participation. Within the chatter and noise of the physical lies a path to the core of your own soul.    It is important to maintain the trueness of that path by being totally aware of your participation in this physical realm.

Decide to release unnecessary drama that can cloud your purpose. Often that includes separation from those who are creating the drama, and taking responsibility for your energy within the moment. A complicated moment it may seem, however, once the energy is silenced, the clarity of your soul speaks loudly.

Take the time for the exploration. Be aware of your soul and its need in this reality. Often the chaos is a reflection of those around you, not necessarily your own vibration. By being self aware, you may be able to discern the root of the chaos.

Align with the rhythm of your inner energy. Be aware of all its nuances, and become harmonious with it.

It is a great gift to be evolved, but the moment becomes more enhanced by being aware.

Pay attention to the small moments. They are the seeds to the garden of your experience.

Be aware of what your energy brings to the table. Be responsible for altering your perspective in the situation. That ingredient may realign the drama and enhance the evolution.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s all about being conscious, being open and being in gratitude for what shows up. After all, you created it, right??