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My sign from the Angels

(As promised – just a little story from me to you.)

While it’s true that I am clairaudient (i.e.: I can hear guides, teachers and departed loved ones speaking), there are times even *I* need outward signs that they’re with me and we are working on stuff together.

Such has been the case of late. I’ve had a few things rolling around in my head that I’ve pondered to death. (I am a world class ruminator, y’all.) And sometimes, I just need something to keep the junk from overtaking the truth.

Yesterday morning. I asked my angels for a sign – a blue balloon – to let me know I was on the right track and all was well. Usually, I ask and then just forget about it. They are good at reminding me about those signs.

As I was driving home from work, I realized I hadn’t seen my blue balloon and decided to have a pout about it. Out loud, even.  I said “If I don’t see one by tomorrow, I will know things suck.” (I’m a cheery sort, am I not?)

I heard the words “Can you just trust us?” and I replied (out loud because I was alone in car) “I’m afraid to. Afraid that it won’t be what I want.” and again I heard the word “Trust”.

Grudgingly, I said “okay okay okay”.

Just then, something caught my eye on the right side of the road where there’s a jogging path.  I don’t know what it was that caught my eye but I looked up quickly and there it was my blue balloon.

Someone had tied up a bunch of balloons to a post and they were in various stages of deflation but there, clear as day, was my balloon.

I’m a dork.

I cried.

Because they’ve never, ever failed me when I’ve asked for a sign of this kind.

So, the watchword for the day is TRUST.

And blue balloons.

And cake. (We’re having a birthday at the office.)

But mostly, TRUST.

And so it is.

(P.S.: Signs come in all kinds of ways – I hear songs on the radio, books have fallen open for me – you actually do get to ask for what kind of sign you want. Try it and see!)

What kind of sign will you ask for?