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Today I am sharing a post which was a collaboration between me and Anni


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the realm of human energy, that couldn’t be more true. Last Sunday on May 1, 2011, I stood in front of the television with my arms crossed, listening to the speech by President Obama telling the world that he ordered the successful killing of Osama Bin Laden. Many spilled onto the streets in rejoice of the news, while others began concocting theories to explain why this is one big fabricated lie. I had a different reaction, which became the impulse for me to put this essay together. I prompted my good friend, teacher and professional intuitive, Lisa Wechtenhiser at Practically Intuitive, to help me try to explain why I felt something was deeply off about our President. (And on that note, we studied Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as well).

Lisa and I gathered the photos of President Obama that were released by the White House (referenced below) and we reviewed them separately. What we were reading was the energy and the aura of President Obama that is captured in those photographs. If a person develops the skill of energetic literacy, which is the ability to read and interpret energetic language contained within a person’s aura or spirit, then he or she can read any person like a book.

Why would anyone want to develop such a skill? Well, to me, it’s obvious. Before you get involved with anyone on a financial or romantic level, wouldn’t you want to be able to tell if you can trust that person? If your car needed a fix, could you pick out the right mechanic? What about the right nanny or babysitter for your children?

Whether we are ordinary citizens or a significant leader like President Obama, we attract people, situations and spiritual crises into our lives that call us to step up, grow and evolve.

I am by no means a professional intuitive or skilled face reader. In fact, this is only my second attempt at doing something like this. Lisa, on the other hand, is a skilled and professional intuitive, who has the ability to read energy with sharp accuracy. Partially, I wanted us to do this to provide some insight into the human and spiritual aspects of President Obama, so that we can learn what we may of him and also of ourselves by using him as a mirror. I also want to help amateurs like myself to practice this skill and to encourage others to try their hand at this, by bringing this conversation out into the open. We are doing this from a space of love and light, and our intent is to teach and heal. We welcome you to post any of your own intuitive comments that are in keeping with this spirit.

Our Findings
The first time I felt something was off about President Obama was when he roasted Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner. There’s no question that President Obama is great at delivering comedic punch lines with impact. I went back in time to watch his speeches from past Correspondents Dinners. This particular evening though, was not the same. There was a moment when President Obama chuckled after showing the audience a superimposed photo of what Donald Trump would do to the White House. I heard his chuckle come through with foot notes that said, “This is so stupid. I have better things to do.”

When news of Bin Laden’s killing broke, I didn’t piece two and two together right away. However, I knew I hit upon something more concrete when President Obama delivered his announcement to the world. Seven minutes and sixteen seconds into his speech, he emphatically remarked, “Justice has been done.” I thought to myself, these words don’t resonate at all. This is not how he feels. These are not his words. Something is not right. There was a deliberate emphasis to his words that felt like it was compensating for something. His words and the tone are not a vibrational match to his energy. This is not how he feels!

So, what exactly was going on with President Obama? To the conspiracy theorists out there, I am sorry to have to disappoint you, but President Obama was NOT lying about killing Bin Laden.

As a spiritual student, I thought it was timely to use President Obama as a case study to learn about our spiritual paths, and to point out the situations and people we encounter along the way in order to expand our consciousness and our understanding of life. Ultimately, this writing is about spirituality. And President Obama, I believe, is a deeply spiritual person. While reading his energy in the photographs, I got the sense that he was experiencing deep inner conflict, but it wasn’t about guilt nor was it a garden variety integrity issue. Rather, I felt the energy of a man who is saddened. Intellectually, we know of him as a person with visionary ideals. Because of his idealistic nature, I got the sense that — in an existential kind of way — it saddens him that he even has to do something like this at all, that we live in a world of “evil”, that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda exist, that it is even necessary to do this at all. I feel that he is much more spiritually evolved than the current state of our planet, and I can hear him begging the Cosmos, “Can’t we all just be better people than that?”

Lisa agrees and says, “This decision caused a great toll on him. He was very energetically closed in almost all the photographs. This was far harder for him to do than he will ever, ever, ever show, maybe except to Michelle Obama. This has taken a bit of his soul and he’s not sure he can get that back. And these were the roles that Obama and Bin Laden chose to play when they incarnated. They have probably met in other lifetimes before. President Bush could have gotten Bin Laden but he didn’t. Spiritually, this is Obama’s work to do. That struggle is part of his growth.”

Here are a few select photographs of President Obama where we read his energy in depth. The first comments are mine (as an amateur), and the comments following mine are Lisa’s (professional and skilled intuitive). We invite you to participate in this aura reading too, and you can click on the photographs to enlarge them to its full size.

Anni: He is very focused, objective, cautious, treading carefully, reasonably confident, concerned about the safety and consequences of the operation.

Lisa: His third chakra is alert, engaged and focused. His energy is not repellant. It feels okay to dip into his energy when he’s like this. It feels much “cleaner” energetically in this photo.

Anni: Obama’s pressure to be right. Time stops. Holding breath. “This is it.” Determined. A quiet fierceness. This is very personal for him. I’m not getting anything else about President Obama in this photo. Joe Biden looks like he is in over his head.

Lisa: Obama is very, very energetically closed. He has to be, in order to get through this. I couldn’t pop into him at all. CLOSED. Joe Biden, on the other hand, was cool, calm and collected. Hillary Clinton, with her hand over her mouth, was also energetically pulled in tight. Can’t get much there.

Anni: Grim reality. Killing isn’t eloquent, inspirational or pretty. He knows the action has to be done but he’s not a killer. He says, “It’s the right move. I’ve talked about doing it and now I’m actually gonna do it — holy shit.”

Lisa: This was a hard picture for me. I kept being energetically repelled and didn’t get a lot of information. I didn’t like diving into it. It’s almost as if he was shut off to anything else going on.

His third chakra (Solar Plexus, personal power) says, “It’s a race for time. This is not a joke. I am serious and this has consequences. I don’t want to act in a hasty manner or in a way others will perceive as hasty but this is of utmost importance. It is for the best that this happens. I am the one who can pull the trigger and it’s a lot of responsibility but I am up to the task. I am surrounded by others who can also assist me with it. I am not afraid.”

Heart chakra: Closed. There is a sadness about having to do something like this but it is what has to be done. Resignation.

Throat chakra: Shaking his head and thinking no, no, no. Wincing at inevitable change.

Anni: I don’t sense any trace of ego–maniacal–ness from President Obama. He doesn’t feel glorious or victorious about what he did. The words he used, “justice has been done” doesn’t resonate with the heart and soul part of him. He is a spiritual person and it crossed his mind more than once how killing fits into the spiritual picture. This is something he had to do as President of the United States but his heart and soul reside much higher vibrationally than the word “justice.” I think President Obama is an empath. I feel he was moved to do this from a place of empathy for the families of the 9/11 victims. Both times when he mentioned the victims’ families in his speech, his voice got quieter and softer. His compassion came through. This is his duty, like a father protecting his children. It was a personal thing. He is overwhelmed to realize that this deed has taken him way out of his ideals and his love of ideals. He’s surprised by his own power and what he can do.

Lisa: The key word here is FAÇADE. I still feel a repellant energy at the third chakra. He’s projecting out big time in his POWER chakra. He’s holding a big, big space, like a cat that puffs itself up when it is threatened. There’s some damage in his third chakra, as if he really does not like or want to do anything like this. This is hard for him. Yet he feels he cannot back down or show any weakness. It’s not about Osama Bin Laden, as it is about the act of assassination. He really is having a very hard time with all of this. Big façade projection here about how he feels, but he’s not lying about what he’s saying.

Heart chakra: Here, he is wincing again. Feelings of hurt are there. Pain.

Throat chakra says, “This must be as it always is…” Again, I feel his façade of hiding his feelings. He’s not telling the truth about how he really feels inside of having to assassinate another.

Anni: Hillary Clinton looks out of it, exhausted, running out of gas. Not just the day the picture was taken, but in general. Also, her energy is saying, “I wonder if I would have been able to do the same thing if I had won the election?” She was ready to go home yesterday. This is still over Joe Biden’s head.

Lisa: Agree with you – Hillary is totally out of gas in general and is very glad (not that she will ever admit) that she didn’t win the nomination/election. She is glad she is not the President. She’s on fumes, at this point. It is much easier for her this way. Her third chakra says, “This is mine to do even as I don’t want to.” Again, huge repellant energy here. I don’t feel Biden is in over his head – he just holds a much more “been there, done that” peaceful energy in his own self, and when contrasted with Obama’s can appear as if he is clueless but he’s not. Biden holds a different energetic space (one of support). His third chakra doesn’t have repellant energy at all. With him, he feels in the flow, and he understands what’s going on and knows how to act. He’s very used to this kind of thing and while he doesn’t feel comfortable with it, it doesn’t repel him either. He’s cool, calm and collected. He’s been doing this all his life. The contrast of his energy to President Obama’s may be why you think it seems this is over his head, because this is much easier for him.

The SEALs on the ground may have been the ones carrying out the operation, but it is our President that carries the memory of making a decision that cost him a piece of his soul.

Moving Forward
So, what does all of this mean, and what do we do with this information? The first thing I would ask you to do is to check your judgments of President Obama and the others at the door, and then to open your heart and mind to see how much do you see of yourself in him and the others. It is easy to criticize our leaders because we often hold standards for them that are impossible, even for us, to reach. It is true that life is a big mirror, and every time we see something in others it is an invitation to see how it reflects in ourselves. Whether we are ordinary citizens or a significant leader like President Obama, we attract people, situations and spiritual crises into our lives that call us to step up, grow and evolve.

Let’s think about this. In President Obama’s case, could he have honored his spirit by acting in accordance with how he truly feels about killing, yet at the same time protect his country and fulfill his presidential duty? What does one do when he or she has polar opposite values, whereby one value says ‘I am not a killer’, and the other value says he must fulfill his duty as a protector at all costs? What are the consequences of a global leader admitting how hard this was for him inside? Would it ever be possible for a leader to be his or her authentic self, especially in times of crisis, and would our world ever allow it? Could we allow our leader to be human? Could we ever allow someone we entrust our lives with to take off his or her mask, or to get in touch with his or her human side? In what circumstances do we expect President Obama to strip off his human emotions, and in what different circumstances are we afraid that he doesn’t care enough?

Even with Bin Laden gone, I suspect these are the kinds of spiritual questions that hum in the background of our President’s subconscious mind. But he isn’t alone. In our individual quest to live up to our potential, what spiritual compromises do you make along the way that go against your values? How much personal sacrifice do you make in order to just do your job? How seriously or unseriously do you live out your vows to others? What price do you pay spiritually in exchange for safety or protection?

The SEALs on the ground may have been the ones carrying out the operation, but it is our President that carries the memory of making a decision that cost him a piece of his soul. I sensed that the May 5th ceremony at Ground Zero was healing not only for the families of the 9/11 victims, but it was for President Obama as well. There, he was able to connect his heart energy to the families. I read in the papers that the President didn’t even mention Bin Laden’s name that day. He and the victims’ families now share a pain that is so unique. In the words of Caroline Myss, I want to see President Obama “call his Spirit back” and to make peace with this, which he may not be able to focus on right now but eventually, and to return to the inner serenity that he always radiates generously and outwardly to the world.

To learn how to develop energetic literacy or to sharpen your intuitive skills, please consult Lisa Wechtenhiser at Practically Intuitive for more information.

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