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Have you heard the term “Akashic Records” before? It sounds so serious and solemn doesn’t it?

I first learned about the Records in-depth while studying Soul Realignment, a modality created by Andrea Hess. In a nutshell, the Akashic Records hold energetic information about all the lifetimes your soul has incarnated.

In fact, everything has a record – businesses, pets, events, and even objects have a record.

Imagine the kind of information you can receive from it all!

So Lisa, how do you get all this information? What do you do with it, anyway?

You ask the best questions, reader dear!

Soul Realignment uses dowsing to get specific bits of energetic information. Linda Howe, founder of Akashic Studies uses a more free-form method to pull down the information beginning with a specific prayer to open the records.

Depending on your gifts and skills, one method may resonate with you over the other. That’s how it was when I heard Linda Howe on a podcast from two nice ladies called “Psychic Teachers“. My little scholar self spent hours listening to audio courses on how to use Howe’s method to access the records for information and healing. (I also admit that it was a huge nudge from my higher self and I’m all about the nudge, dontchaknow?)

Knowing how easily and well I can translate information from the Guides, I thought I’d take a shot at trying out this process.


A friend of mine offered to be my guinea pig and granted me access to his records. I went in with specific questions and the information that came through felt very different energetically than what I usually pick up.

While I find that the Guides, Teachers and loved ones in Spirit are very gentle and compassionate, the information passed down to me through the Akashic Records had a high vibration of love attached to it. Pure unconditional love. It was the energy of Guides and Teachers taken to the power of infinity.

(I know that’s not the best explanation so let me say it simply: the energy was really high in vibration, all-loving, all compassionate and actually made me cry while writing what I got. Okay, it’s true. It’s easy to make me cry but still. The tears were more about knowing on a deep level that the information shared was true.)

And that was confirmed when I shared what I got with my friend. He said “I can’t argue with any of it.”

(You’d have to know him to know that’s a huge admission. Just trust me on this. He’s my woo-pig precisely because he is sort of skeptical and not easily swayed.)

Well, that’s all interesting. What can it do for me?

Ah! Now we get to the good stuff. What can an Akashic Records reading do for you?

This is the place where you get to ask your questions:

* Want to know why you made some relationship choices in your life?
* Need some insight regarding career options?
* What’s blocking you from moving forward in your life right now and how can you clear it up?

And lots more information!

How cool is that, right?

I’m offering these readings as part of a package starting April 1st (no foolin’!). A written reading and 30 minutes of conversation to go into more detail about it.

Remember that my emphasis is helping you put the guidance into action right now. It’s not just a lot of words with me. It’s actions, too. Because what good is guidance otherwise?

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There are so many ways we can use the Records to assist us with decisions we make every day and I’ll be talking about those ways in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!