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(UBC) Day 22: The most searched-for topics on my site

By Lisa Wechtenhiser

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You might be surprised at what searches I see on my site although I’m not.

* Astral entities

* how to cut cords of attachment

* astral beings

* cutting astral entities archangel michael

* cutting cords of attachment healing

* does cord cutting work

* cords of attachment

Looks like energetic healing and how to move out some of those pesky entities are on everyone’s mind lately. I thought I’d give you some direct links to those topics right here. (Did you know I have three years of articles on here? I like to write, as you can see!)

Astral Entities

Astral Entities 101: How they get stuck and how to remove them – they’re not evil spirits haunting your ass. They are merely those souls who have left their physical body and are in transit. Perhaps there’s some fear about that transition. Who knows? Suffice it to say, you do not need to allow them to siphon off your own energy. Shoo! Be gone with you, now!

And Are you hanging out with astral entities? – there are probably many more fun (incarnated!) souls to hang out with than these dudes. In this article, I list ways to know if you have some in your own aura. Be sure to close your energetic doors so they don’t sneak back in!

Finally, a podcast (transcribed in case you’re not an aural kind of person) – “I’m in your aura, stealing your energies” – Self Protection from Negative Astral entities In this podcast, I share a little affirmation that helps keep your aura free and clear of the astral critters.

Energetic Cords of Attachment

The sessions of aura healing and transformation through severing cords of attachment are among the most profound work I do in my practice. If you’ve never had an opportunity to experience the amazing work of Archangels Michael and Raphael, this is one of the places where they shine. Not familiar with what this is exactly? Read on and learn!

Three Reasons to Cut a Cord of Attachment – Here’s one BIG reason: Empowerment! Take back your power from places you’ve given it away (or had it stolen!) – see what it feels like to move that energy back into your own system for your own use.

Toxic Cords and Why They Need to Go shares a real-life example of how removing a cord could have helped my mom enormously in her life. (I only wish I knew how to do that back then.)

In this article, I talk about the role of Divine Beings in the removal of an energetic cord – it’s Archangel Michael who does all the heavy lifting. I’m his partner down here in the physical. It takes big, high vibrational energy to do this work so that’s why we call in the big guns. Always work with Divine Beings when you do any kind of healing work because they can hold the energy needed to create big shifts.

If you have some energetic healing work to be done, I’ve got some mad skillz!

I’m a clear channel to your team of Guides and Teachers and I am also a wonderfully high vibrational healer who can help you move out blocks and restrictions getting in your way. One session is often enough to move you through something that’s blocking you now and of course, if you’d like to do some in-depth work, I’d love to support you in that as well.

Visit the “Work with me” page for all the details on doing just that!

What happens to someone on the other end of an energetic cord of attachment?

Lisa Wechtenhiser

Let’s say you have a friend and for fun, let’s call her Gladys.

Well, she used to be your friend but lately something has happened and she’s turned against you. She’s been hanging out with your group of friends and not asking you along.

Come to find out, she’s also undermining your efforts at the job where you both work. Out of nowhere, your life has begun to suck and suck hard thanks to whatever Gladys has going on.

You decide that you can’t take it anymore and would like to just be rid of this whole mess. But you still have to see her at work. And your friends still want her to hang out when you all get together.

Outside of hiding in your house forever, what can you do to shift that situation? There’s no changing Gladys, right?


There’s only changing you.


So, you engage me to do a session of healing where we sever the energetic cord of attachment with your former pal. We call in the wonderfully amazing Archangel Michael to do the big work, Archangel Raphael to help with the healing afterwards and any other Divine Being you wish to have there as well. It’s a beautiful process where the cord that contains all the crappy toxic stuff between you and Gladys is removed, leaving only the nice stuff (memories that you cherish, unconditional love, etc.). We look at the patterns that were active between you both and often come to understand the underlying dynamics of the relationship.

Having both energetic healing and the conscious understanding of what was going on is a powerful way to shift this situation. It can make a huge difference in how you handle things because Gladys’s behavior may no longer poke you in quite the same way as before. Pretty cool, eh?

But, what about Gladys? Will she know we did some psychic level surgery that involved her aura? Will she look at you sideways as you walk past her at work?

Short answer: NOPE.

Longer answer: Your pal Gladys won’t feel a thing. That’s because, as far as her aura is concerned, nothing has changed. We know a LOT has changed on your side. But on hers? Nothing.

This is because of a little something called Divine Homeostasis. It’s a lovely balancing act the Divine Being in charge of your healing work does as a part of the job. Archangel Michael ensures that nothing happens to the energy of the other individual because they did not give conscious permission to sever that cord.

You did give that conscious permission (as part of our work) so you are the one who will feel the effect of it.

Gladys continues on, unaware that you’ve done anything at all.

Removing a cord of attachment is sort of like unplugging something from the wall socket. The power may still be on but there’s no cord there for it to flow through. The cord is still attached on Gladys’s side, but that energy is no longer being pumped into you.

How will your life change as a result of removing that cord of attachment?

That varies from person to person but one of the things I see most often in my clients is a feeling of distance from the situation. In the case of your friend Gladys, it could mean that her behavior no longer hurts the way it did before. We’ve removed the toxic stuff between you so it’s almost like you were watching her actions on a movie screen. You see them, but they don’t affect you the way they once did.

This is the most profound healing I facilitate in my work.


I’ve experienced having many of my own cords released and have seen first-hand the changes that can come from something seemingly so simple. And I’ve seen it with my clients as well. Big changes happen when you work on that energetic plane.

For more information on Cords of Attachment, what they are and why it serves you *now* to release them, check out these links

Listen to my podcast about cutting energetic cords
3 Reasons to Cut a Cord of Attachment
Purchase a Cutting Energetic Cord of Attachment Session
What happens in a reading?

Questions? Please comment below and I’ll answer them all.

Or, email me to discuss your situation privately and see if this healing would help you.

Archangel Michael to the rescue! The work of Divine Beings in Cord Cutting sessions

I did two readings today and in both, my good friend Archangel Michael came galloping in to make his presence known. And in each, he specifically asked my client to actively call him into action so he can assist them.

Those who have had energetic cords of attachment removed with me know that I always call in Archangel Michael to do this work because his specialty is removing what no longer belongs. He slices and dices those cords for clear, permanent removal.

But he also does a great job offering protection to your house, land, even your beloved iPad! 🙂 He has an amazingly high vibration and a loving presence. You couldn’t ask for a better ally.

And remember: all you have to do is ask him (or any Divine Being) and POOF! They’re right there with you. Would I lie to you???

I’m off work all next week so if you’re itching to have a session with me, now’s a great time! I can do daytime or evening. This freedom doesn’t come around often (well, until I start doing this full time!) so shoot me an email if you’re up for some pre-holiday insight and healing.

Podcast #8: Rockin’ the woo-dane! How to be both spiritual and practical

Sitting here, coffee cup in hand, waiting on a hurricane as I post this. Not sure if I’ll have power tomorrow so I’m getting this all ready to go early!

Today’s podcast is all about ‘Rockin’ the Woo-Dane” – you’ll have to listen to find out just what that is and how to rock it for yourself!

Thursday’s giveaway is a big one so I’m extending the deadline until Tuesday (8/30) at 11:59pm.

Just leave a comment on the post below this one and you’re entered!

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi again! This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive hanging out waiting on hurricane Irene to come visit.

Before we get to today’s discussion, I want to say thank you to everyone who has left comments and subscribed to the podcasts via iTunes. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time and it makes me happy that you all enjoy it. In fact, as a young child, I was always creating my own radio shows and recording them on the cassette player I carried with me all the time. I guess I was just waiting for technology to catch up with me!

So, today’s topic is all about rockin’ the woo-dane. Yep, I said it. Woo-dane. What is that? It’s a term my friend, Kara and I coined for the work we do – part woo-woo and part mundane – woo-dane! It’s all about taking the woo and bringing it down into your life and using it here, in the physical world.

Personally, I happen to like the term woo-woo and often just call it “the woo” – for me, it defines a bit of what I do – talking with Guides and Teachers in spirit, bringing through loved ones from the other side, and all manner of things that cannot be explained logically unless you understand energy work. But boy, it sure does have a bad rap out there in the non-woo circles, doesn’t it? I think it takes a lot of faith to go deeply into it and for me, that’s never been an issue. It is for others, though. I get that.

Which is why my work, as I understand it, is to help ground spiritual concepts and ideas into the physical and assist others in doing the same. Otherwise, they are just concepts and ideas – nice but not terribly helpful in a real kind of way.

What does “rockin the woo-dane” mean? It means learning to use your innate intuitive skills to shift your life so you are more in alignment with your path and purpose. (I also think it sounds cooler than saying all those words but I’m dorky like that!)

Here are three ways you can rock the woo-dane:

First: Open yourself up to the idea that there is an enormous amount of help and support from your guides and teachers – more, even , than you can imagine.

Once you start working in tandem with your team (who chose your soul specifically to work with in this incarnation, mind you), you’ll begin to understand what kind of support is available to you. I never feel that I’m struggling alone or have no one to talk to.

My guides are always with me. Always. Looking back at the years and years of journals I kept (a humbling experience indeed, I might add), I see that they were always talking to me. I’d write letters to myself and then write a response. Many years later, When I learned how to discern the voice of my Guides, no surprise to see it was the same voice that answered me in my letters.

If you agree that intention is everything then just opening up to the idea of support from beings you cannot see creates a doorway where they can reach you. Just be open to it.

(This is the woo part of the woo-dane, by the way.)

The second way you can rock it is this:

Know that all the positive thinking in the world won’t matter if you don’t translate it into action down here in the physical world. It won’t. If you want to feel better about yourself in general, thinking “I am lovely. I am beautiful” won’t matter at all if you don’t accompany those thoughts with action. Action can be as small as smiling at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house or as big as getting a makeover that really suits how you feel and how you want to feel.

Thoughts alone won’t move things down here. Thoughts followed by action? Moves a buttload of stuff down here and that’s when changes show up.

(As you might have guessed, this is the dane part of the woo-dane.)

And finally, understanding that when you begin listening to the voice of your soul, things start coming together. Now, it’s not without work on your part in both the listening and the doing but once you get in the flow recognizing the voice that’s guiding you (your higher self), things move together with an ease that will astonish you. It sure did for me.

Rocking the woo-dane simply means integrating the spiritual with the mundane so your life is a lovely blend of both, helping you get more on your chosen path.

Don’t be afraid of the term woo-woo. Embrace it – there’s nothing airy-fairy about this work. It’s practical and life-changing. Heck, my friend calls me “The High Priestess of the Woo” and it’s a title I love. I’d put it on business cards if I could! (Hey! There’s an idea, right?)

I’m extending this week’s giveaway until Tuesday evening at 11:59pm so that more of you can get in on it. As a grand finale, I’m giving away a package of sessions: a 60 minute cord cutting call and a 30 minute intutive reading which is a $260 value!) One lucky person will be the recipient of this package – could that be you? All you need to do is leave a comment on my recent post about how Pilates really helped my spiritual work. The link to that post is right below this podcast. (Note: This promotion has since expired, but you can still book a cord cutting session with Lisa here and an intuitive reading here.)

Questions and thoughts or comments are always welcome so please feel free to contact me or leave them in the comment section below.

Okay, well, back to hanging out and waiting on a hurricane. Hatches are battoned, energetic boundaries drawn around my property so to minimize damage and phones are charged up! I’ll talk to you again next week. Thanks for listening and wish me luck!

This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Bye for now!

To book a session with Lisa, click here.

3 Reasons to cut a cord of attachment

We all have them.

You know what I mean. Don’t pretend you don’t.


** Relatives who manage to get under our skin.
** Co-workers who get away with murder while we dutifully do our jobs and get passed over for raises.
** That friend from ten years ago who stole your boyfriend right out from under your nose.


Every time you think about them you get annoyed and pissed all over again. All the old feelings get stirred up out of nowhere.

Cases like these (and a bunch of others) are really good reasons to sever those energetic cords of attachment. Why? Because it helps remove that *charge* you feel when thinking about them or the situation. And how nice is it to have that neutralized so you can put that energy toward fun stuff?

Back when I was practicing my cord-cutting skills on some lovely volunteers, it was a common occurrence for them to remark that they had no idea how helpful cutting those cords could be. I think that’s the beauty of the work, though. Theoretically, it makes sense, but until you experience how it works for you – in your own life – you might not see how powerful this healing work can be.

I’ve written about just what cords of attachment are here and here but in a nutshell, a cord of attachment is an energetic structure that allows patterns from the past to continue into the present affecting your daily life.

*** Three good reasons to remove those cords permanently ***


NUMBER ONE:  Either energy is flowing OUT of you INTO another – or – flowing INTO you FROM another. Either way, you are being affected on many levels – mentally, emotionally, intuitively … and in ways you might not see.

By removing that energy flow (in whichever way it’s going) you take back what is yours and use it for your own benefit.

Example: Let’s say that Sally and her friend had a big fight over that boyfriend from ten years ago. And while Sally has forgiven her friend for her part in the mess, secretly (in a place no one wants to admit to) Sally is still mad at her. She feels betrayed and angry.

Which way is the energy flowing in this case? Most likely FROM Sally TO her friend and in that cord are all those things Sally doesn’t want to talk about: betrayal, sure. Anger, yep. But what about sadness, and feeling “less than” her because her boyfriend left for her friend? All that and so much more are running around in Sally’s energy field 24/7. Really. It is.

By removing that cord, Sally is able to stop all that yuck from flowing out of her into her friend. She gets to use that energy she was putting out (on an unconscious level) for her own benefit. How nice to get a big WHOOOSH! of your own energy back, eh?

NUMBER 2: You come to an understanding of the dynamics that play(ed) out in the relationship.

When I peer into the cord and the energies it contained and share that, it helps validate for you what was really going on between you and that person. Where was the flow of energy? What did it say about the relationship overall? Lots of light bulb moments show up in this part of the healing work.

NUMBER 3: By cutting the cord of attachment, you’re not cutting the person out of your life. You are just ending the flow of toxic energy between you.

Sometimes, I get asked if cutting the cord means you’ll lose the relationship. Not at all. You get to make that choice now FREE of all the yuck clouding the picture.

Say, for example, you cut the cord with that annoying co-worker. You’ll still see them and can choose to engage with them on any level you want. What’s different, though, is the *charge* between you now is removed.

Maybe it bugged you whenever they left early while you stayed and worked. After removing this cord, it might feel like you’re just watching a movie of someone leaving work early rather than hearing the same old refrain in your head “How come she gets to do whatever she wants and I’m stuck here. My life sucks. I need a new job.” and on and on and on. Much easier to deal with from a distance, I think.

BOTTOM LINE:  A cord-cutting won’t make you taller, thinner (damn!) or smarter. But it will help you get rid of some toxic junk floating around in your energy field and allow you to see even more clearly what you want. I think that’s a lovely benefit!

There’s so much more to say about this subject.  Look for another installment of  “As the Cord Turns” on a future podcast.  🙂

If you want to read a few testimonials from some of my clients about this healing work, check out the Testimonials page.

And if you’ve had a cord cut and you want to share how it affected your life, I’d love to hear about it!  (Doesn’t even have to be from me – lots of practitioners do this work!)

Finally, if you think this might be something you’d like to try, I welcome your email.  Big shifts happen through this work all the time.  Are you ready?