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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Spiritual healing is better, faster and effects change much more than traditional talk therapy.

Listen in to see why I make that bold claim in this week’s podcast.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi everyone, and welcome back (or welcome for the first time if you’re just joining me) to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from Practically Intuitive – thanks for listening in.

Today’s topic is near and dear to my heart: How spiritual healing can help you move through your stuff much faster than traditional therapy.

I am a big believer in therapy. I was a counseling psych major in college and had my heart set on doing that work as a career. But time and circumstances seemed to preclude that and I never did make it back for my master’s in social work much less set up a private practice. But I did avail myself of therapy for much of my 20s and 30s. I liked it a lot. Someone to listen to my stuff, help me see things I might have been missing and offer a safe place to open up. What’s not to like, right?

Somewhere along the line, though, I began to use my therapy sessions as an hour of whining about my life. I would look at the same situations over and over and over. One thing I didn’t do was make many concrete changes in my life. Mostly because I liked talking about it but not so much doing anything about it. Because doing something involved risk and scary changes. And I’d rather talk.

I’m sure my wonderful therapists tried to get me to move into action but looking back, I think I resisted that. This one was squarely on me.

In my early 40s, I began to explore coaching and used that in tandem with therapy. My coach was more proactive about getting me to take action but as with my therapist, our sessions evolved into more whining, less action. Again, this one is on me. I had trouble taking action. Much easier to whine for an hour and then go home and think about what I whined about.

Can anyone relate?

At some point in there, I learned about spiritual healing – clearing astral debris, cutting cords of attachment, aura cleansing and protection, Reiki and more. As I delved more into it both from a client perspective and that of a practitioner, I began to see real, concrete changes in my life.

For example, having cords of attachment permanently removed allowed me to clear my own energetic field of a lot of accumulated junk that belonged to others and once freed from that, I could figure out much more easily what I needed and wanted and moreover, move toward it.

Energetic healing with the assistance of a divine being (Archangels, Buddha, Mother Mary … those who reside on that highest of vibrational planes) is amazingly easy because they do all the work. Really. They do. You don’t have to spend 37 hours agonizing in therapy for change to occur. With their assistance, you can feel it and release it all in an hour. And once those blocks and restrictions are removed, things flow more easily into place.

My current coach, Jaelin Reese, is all about action and while she allows me to ramble now and again (because that’s just who I am!), she also gives me steps to take to move out of whining and into action. One of her favorite methods of healing is called “writing and burning” where you write a letter to someone with whom you have an issue and just pour it all out. Then, take it outside and burn it. That’s it. You don’t have to call that person, confront them or anything else. You often need to just release it from your energetic body.

She’s even had me write about past life experiences that are hindering me in this life, burn the writing and take it to a cemetery and bury it. That sounds kind of odd (well, it did to me) but this simple ritual allowed me to move through and finally resolve an issue I’ve been struggling with for 10 years. All because I buried it at a cemetery.

I am still a proponent of therapy. It does a lot of good and who’s to say that my years of it didn’t lay the foundation for the work I’m doing now from an energetic perspective. But my experience has shown me that energetic healing is faster, more effective and moves one into action easier than talk therapy.

If you’ve been in therapy for years without much shifting in your life, I’d invite you to try a session of spiritual healing and see for yourself. I offer sessions of aura healing involving cutting cords of attachment, removal of astral debris, and more. Please check out the readings and healings page of my site to see if something fits. Or you can contact me to talk about what you’re struggling with and let’s talk.

That’s all for this podcast. Thank you so much for listening. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Have yourself a lovely week. Bye for now.

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