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mooring-rope-238925_150Imagine you have two ropes between you and another person – one white and one gray.

The white rope is chock full of all the fun you’ve had, nifty vacations, and the joy you both have when with each other.  That’s the Spiritual Tie.

The gray rope is full of the arguments, the time she was snitty with you and it hurt your feelings and the three times you didn’t really listen when she was sad.

That gray rope? It’s a crappy cord of attachment.

While you will never, ever lose the spiritual tie with another, you can release that blasted cord of attachment any time you like.

Yes, you can let go of your end of the gray rope and by doing so, release all the energy that’s flowing back and forth between you – the hurt feelings, the anger, even the competition.

Just drop that end of the rope.

But you get to keep holding on to the white rope and continue to feel all the joy that’s between you two.  You don’t have to hold both ropes – just the one that makes you happy.

Energetic cords of attachment (that yucky gray rope) hold the energetic patterns between you and someone else – primarily the toxic patterns between you. Even when you end the relationship with someone, the patterns set in place during the time you were together flow back and forth in that cord 24/7.

When you remove the cord you essentially unplug from that toxic energy and opens you up to hold your own feelings without being influenced by the toxic stuff of another. It’s like unplugging a noisy air conditioner that no longer works well. It’s just noisy and you’re hot all the time, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just turn that off? Instant relief!

If you’ve got these patterns going on in your energy field all the time, they are affecting you on several levels – many of those levels are unconscious. But whether conscious or not, they affect you. How could they not?

Common cords of attachment are between parent and child, current and ex-spouses and partners, co-workers, friends — anywhere you feel a big “charge” around a person.

Three reasons to remove energetic cords of attachment

NUMBER 1: You are being affected every single minute by these toxic energies

Whether the flow of energy is into you or out of you, you are being affected on many levels – mentally, emotionally, intuitively … and in ways you might not see.

By removing that energy flow (in whichever way it’s going) you take back what is yours and use it for your own benefit.

Example: Let’s say that Sally and her friend had a big fight over that boyfriend from ten years ago. And while Sally has forgiven her friend for her part in the mess, secretly (in a place no one wants to admit to) Sally is still mad at her. She feels betrayed and angry.

Which way is the energy flowing in this case? Most likely FROM Sally TO her friend and in that cord are all those things Sally doesn’t want to talk about: betrayal, sure. Anger, yep.

But what about sadness, and feeling “less than” her because her boyfriend left for her friend? All that and so much more are running around in Sally’s energy field 24/7.

Really. It is.

By removing that cord, Sally is able to stop all that yuck from flowing out of her into her friend. She gets to use that energy she was putting out (on an unconscious level) for her own benefit. How nice to get a big WHOOOSH! of your own energy back, eh?

NUMBER 2: You come to an understanding of the dynamics that play(ed) out in the relationship.

When I peer into the cord and the energies it contained and share that, it helps validate for you what was really going on between you and that person. Where was the flow of energy? What did it say about the relationship overall? Lots of light bulb moments show up in this part of the healing work.  

“Awareness is 99% of everything” says my coach Jaelin Reece.  And it is.  Having an understanding of the energetic dynamics helps you see where else that’s going on in your life.

NUMBER 3:  You are just ending the toxic flow of energies between you and another. By cutting the cord of attachment, you’re not taking that person out of your life.

Sometimes, I get asked if cutting the cord means you’ll lose the relationship.

Not at all.

You now get to make that choice now FREE of all the yuck clouding the picture.

Example: Say you cut the cord with that annoying co-worker. You’ll still see them and can choose to engage with them on any level you want. What’s different, though, is the *charge* between you now is removed. Maybe it bugged you whenever they left early while you stayed and worked.

After removing this cord, it might feel like you’re just watching a movie of someone leaving work early rather than hearing the same old refrain in your head “How come she gets to do whatever she wants and I’m stuck here. My life sucks. I need a new job.” and on and on and on. Much easier to deal with from a distance, I think.

A session of energetic cord removal won’t make you taller, thinner (damn!) or smarter. But it will help you get rid of some toxic junk floating around in your energy field and allow you to see even more clearly what you want. I think that’s a lovely benefit!

Want to know even more about energetic cords of attachment? Here you go! Read on, McDuff!

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