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Raam Dev, a wonderfully thoughtful and creative young man, put together this collections of ideas and suggestions from fellow bloggers on “Small Ways to Make a Big Difference.

[pullquote]Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.
~Mother Teresa[/pullquote]

Every time I got an contribution, it reminded me why I was doing this project. It reminded me that there are so many people all over the globe who genuinely care about this world and who have ideas for how to make it a better place.

In just three weeks, over 40 bloggers contributed more than 100 ways to live more sustainable, to live happier and healthier, to get more out of life, to inspire and share, to reconnect with our true selves, to be a leader, to exist more intelligently.

My personal motto is Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This free e-book speaks to doing just that and not only has various uplifting quotes like the one by Mother Theresa (above) but practical suggestions on how to make a difference right here, right now.

This was one of my favorites:

One thing, right now
The best thing you can do for any good cause is to take one step, right now. One donation. One volunteer hour. One expression of support. One act of participation. Don’t fall into the trap of waiting for the perfect opportunity. Figure out one simple way you can contribute right now.

Do that first.

Jeffrey Tang of The Art of Great Things

If you need a little pick-me-up or are looking for some inspiration, I encourage you to check out Raam’s creation. It’s not full of platitudes you’ve heard a thousand times, but good ideas in bite-sized pieces. Pick what resonates with you and, like Jeffrey Tang says, “Do that first.”