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Are you looking for a way to bring down some wisdom from your Guides or your Higher self?

Have a question rolling around in your head and need some options?

Or are you just curious about what kind of nifty information you can channel through?

I can help! But you’ve got to do the work, k?

pretty journals

Here’s the deal:

1) Before you get all snuggly in your bed at night, write down your question in a notebook you’ve bought just for this purpose. (Do you love new notebooks? And pens? Who doesn’t, right?)

2) Turn off the light and go to sleep.

3) Wake up and before you do ANYTHING (including pee or feed your cat who’s whining in your face), pick up your pen and pad and write. Whatever is in your head, just write. If you end up with a page that says “Why am I writing crap at 6am?” over and over again, that’s fine. Just write. Aim for at least a page, two is better.

4) Go pee and/or feed your cat.

That’s it! Four easy-peasy steps. Do this consistently and you’ve opened up a channel to your Higher Self and your team of Guides and Teachers. And while answers might not come pouring out on day one, they will start to come if you do this every day.


Because I said so.

What? You need a better reason?


The reason this works is the same reason you create rituals. The mind loves to know what’s coming next. If you allow the mind to feel safe and comfortable, it can relax and not be on guard.

When it’s not “on guard”, that creates a nice space where you can just open up and let things flow.

And in that flow, you’ll find you can hear / see / feel the wisdom of your Higher Self.

So, go out and buy yourself a fancy notebook and a really nice pen or magic marker.

Decorate it if you want.

Put it next to your bedside.

Each night, ask a question, ask for guidance, ask for whatever is in your heart.

But ask.

And know that the answers will make their way to you, somehow, some way.

You need only start.

And keep going.

And trust.

Always trust.