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Recently, I read a post on another blog about what the writer sees as one of the challenges of relying on the wisdom of Guides in Spirit.

It says, in part:

“And the big guidance problem happens when a person starts depending on a psychic source, like one’s Celestial Guidance Team. Sometimes a person does perpetual pendling (using a pendulum). Or a person constantly asks or prays or channels. This well meant checking can get ridiculous. In the name of spiritual development, people are so willing to outsource even the most basic decisions. I wonder if it gets to the point where a person pulls out a pendulum to ask, “Is it okay for me to pee? Do I have the go-ahead to try for a #2?”

The point is interesting – how do you learn to rely on yourself when it comes to matters of importance in your life? How much reliance on intuitive readings is *too* much? Anything not done with a sense of balance and an eye for intention can cause problems.

For example, I use a pendulum in situations where I am too close to it to move my emotions to the side easily. Do I take it out every five seconds and check whether I should be doing this or that? No. But it’s like a new skill – when you first learn it, you want to practice it every day! After a while, you learn how to integrate that skill so that it’s in balance with the rest of your life.

I can imagine that those of us who are teachers and readers see many who are only too willing to cede their own authority to another because they view that “other” as knowing more, knowing better or, quite possibly, they don’t want to do the work it takes to figure things out on their own. Heck, I’d love for someone to come along and give me all the answers to my burning questions: big ones such as “What’s my purpose here?”, “What are my gifts?” all the way down to “Why is that person ignoring me?” or “What’s the real intention behind this comment?” Wouldn’t you? Life might be easier if we just knew all the answers. Yet, that would seriously impede our growth because part of that growth is learning not only the answers but really, the questions themselves. And in my experience, Guides are all about allowing YOU to get those pieces so that you get the lesson along with it. That’s where real growth comes into play.

What will Guides give you?

I have had clients who ask those BIG questions and I get a smile on my face when I sit down to do the readings, knowing that the Guides will find some sweet way to lead them to finding their own answers. As I understand and experience it, they won’t -ever- give you the answers straight out. What they will do, though, is give you a small clue, something to think about, ponder, or look at through another perspective so you can come to it yourself. They will also support you in learning to work with your higher self so that your need to look outside that self for validation slowly falls away. And that’s how learning to work in tandem with your Guides in a balanced way can assist you in your everyday life.

Here’s an example of what came through in a recent reading for someone:

You ask us where you should put your focus and we say we cannot give you that answer. It is for you to decide. We will counsel, however, that taking another approach to what you are now doing will be most beneficial for you. Zig when you might otherwise zag. Allow space where there was none. In other words, try something out of your ordinary pattern. Whatever it is you choose to focus on is not so much of importance (in the scheme of it all) as HOW you choose to do it. (We know this is not quite what you were looking for with regard to answers but trust us when we say this stepping out of the ordinary is key.)

Another example:
Think of this as layers to a cake – each one is a part of the whole and if you miss out on any layers, the cake will not be as yummy. Work on your layers. It’s not hard work – but it’s something not quite so easy for you. Just start. Start anywhere. Support is there for you.

And one more:
Please know that we are here with you at all times and there is no judgement for any choices you make. We can make suggestions and you are always free to follow them or not. Regardless, we are here and happy to advise whichever path you take.

Does that give you a better picture of what kinds of information comes through? Each person’s Guides has a unique energy that I can often FEEEL as I am doing the reading. Some are to-the-point, some are all lovey and warm and many, many variations in between. As you can see by the examples, they are very much about stepping back and allowing YOU to figure things out.

In fact, a recent reading ended with this very sentence:

“Remember that YOU have every single tool within YOURSELF to manage this situation for the highest good.”

I truly love this because it sums up everything I know is encoded in the guidance I bring through. YOU have the power. Not your Guides or anyone else. You and you alone are responsible for what happens in your life by the choices you make.

I’ll be talking more about this whole self-authority piece in upcoming posts because I really feel it is an important poi. It really speaks to how we *INTEGRATE* the information we get and put it to use. That’s what I do in my own life and what I can assist you with doing in your own.