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I often say that I am just a stenographer to your Guides (and mine!) and that I have no idea what will come out when I put pen to paper (or, more likely, fingers to keyboard). Below are some examples of what’s come through for some recent clients. These are “short readings” – just a few paragraphs addressing a specific concern or idea. Longer readings are about 3x this length (sometimes longer depending on what the Guides wish to communicate with you).

When speaking, they refer to themselves as “We” for it is a collective group that works with you, speaking as one unified voice. You will see that I sometimes get intuitive bits come through as I’m taking “dictation” and I always note those with my name and in italics so that it’s clear what is coming from the Guides and what is coming from me.

Please note: any identifying characteristics have been changed to protect privacy.

Example 1:

We are filled with joy that you’ve elected to connect with us this way. We have much to tell you and will share what we can now.

Yes, we know there is much going on and aren’t you lucky! What challenges you’ve chosen this go-round. Do you know what a big assignment you’ve taken on? Oh my goodness! It isn’t often we get to work with someone who is as advanced as you, taking on big things in order to get to the proverbial other side. You seem to think that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew but we tell you NO! You have not. Remember, you have chosen this so you can handle it.

First, we counsel patience. There are things of which you know not. And that is as it should be. For now. You spend a great deal of time pondering things. Which sometimes (not always) gets in the way of you DOING things. Ponder some / do some. Balance, child. Balance will help you.

Second, we counsel working on your thoughts. By doing so much pondering and back-and-forth-ing you are putting stuff out into the ether that is not at all what you intend. Be mindful of your thought forms. We are not saying you have to be all “light and love” 24/7. We are saying know that thoughts are things for better or worse. Be mindful of yours. They create your reality.

And finally, we counsel joy. Again, the pondering comes into play. You often overlook the little things that either used to bring you joy or will be new sources of that feeling. Each day, find one thing – ONE THING – to focus on and stop and feel the happiness that comes from it. It can be anything. Just practice seeing the joy in the small things.

You are an amazing being – again, we have to tell you that it is our honor to work with you. You hear us, don’t you? We communicate with you especially strong through music. Tune in the right station and you will hear us just as well as the one through which we send this message. It’s a matter of tuning, love. We know you to be always in our hearts.

Example 2:

We have much to tell you and a short bit of time to do it so we are going to use a list of sorts to bring out some important concepts:

1. Work – you have some serious concerns around your chosen life’s work which is most assuredly NOT what you are doing now. For your consideration we offer that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you ARE doing your life’s work because that work is energetic. It can be done in a closet, alone in the dark and have the same effect as if you were standing before 10,000 people. Carry with you the intent that regardless of what you are doing, you do it in love and light. That’s all you need to do.

2. Love life – oh my. Someone is not happy at all with this situation. Hmmm. We offer for your consideration the concept that we bring people into our lives to be our teachers. Who is your teacher and what is the lesson? And further, whose teacher are YOU and what is it you may be offering them an opportunity to learn? As you think about these questions, we urge you to write about it so that you can see clearly what forces are at work in your life.

(Lisa’s note again: They seem to want you to do some writing – is there something about it being written for you that makes it more concrete? Perhaps you tend to think about things but not do them? They just told me that you need to better work on bringing things down into the physical to help them manifest and by transferring your thoughts onto paper, it becomes real.)

3. Destiny: Often people wonder about theirs and whether it is set in stone and they are just following a map of sorts with few choices. It is not so! You have choices at every possible avenue. YOU are limited only by your thoughts. DREAM BIG. And then start bringing it into reality bit by bit.

Dear one, this is all we will impart today as it is a lot of information to write. Know that we are here and available to you at all times. We love you dearly and you are such a sweet soul. We see that. The world sees that. Trust.