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Happy New Year!

As you might have known (or not, as the case may be), my focus has shifted over the last year to working with intuitives, energy healers and spiritual teachers who want to create a solid business foundation.  I had no idea that’s where I was headed but that’s where I found myself and happily so.

In a series of posts here on Practically Intuitive, I’ll be sharing where I see budding entrepreneurs get stuck and how to navigate around those pieces.

Part the First: Release the (need for the) bling!

Let me define bling so you know where I’m coming from.

“Bling” is the endless series of courses, nifty web add-ons, the ‘must-have’ apps and

Glass Beadsall the other gee-gadgets out there to make your life easier and your business (more) profitable.

Are they helpful? Yes.  In the right context.

Are they necessary? Kinda sorta but not right away.

Guess what they all are? DISTRACTIONS!

Why? Because we may be scared that we’ll miss the one thing that will move our business into the black.

We’re trying to keep up with everyone else out there and feeling like we fail miserably. More courses, more programs, more stuff must be the answer, surely!

It’s just not.

And buying things is a way to make ourselves feel better when we go to that “I suck at this” place. (Can you relate?)

Here’s the thing: building a business is new to many of us.  We have no idea what we’re doing but we’re doing it anyway. That summons up all your ‘not good enough’ fears.

My own background was in corporate work and no one in my family was an entrepreneur so I really didn’t know what I was walking into.  Add that to a very curious nature and you had me spending tons and tons of  bucks on every damn thing that came down the pike.

Many of them sit unused on my hard drive, mocking me. (Okay, I just imagine they do. I’m pretty sure they don’t. Right?)

Some were above my head in technical know-how, some were entirely too much information and threw me into overwhelm and some were just me, acting on the spur of the moment because I had money in my PayPal account.

Don’t do this.  Seriously.

Here are some things to do instead:

Suggestion #1: Turn off ALL the emails that tempt you.  You won’t miss anything, I promise.  If there’s one or two people who give you tips or suggestions in their emails that resonate with you, stick with them and ditch everything else.  Remember you can always go back to them.

Suggestion #2: I love content filled courses as much as anyone.  However (and this is a BIG ONE) unless you are implementing what you learn from those courses, you’re throwing money out the window. Go back to what you already have and look for one or two things to implement today.  Maybe a tweak to your newsletter process or how to do Pinterest for business.   You already have something, somewhere that will give you a place to start. Look there first.  (I know. So un-sexy, innit?)

Suggestion #3: Even though it seems as if right now (January 2) everyone is picking a word for their year, setting intentions to take the world by storm and have the best year EVAH, know that it’s okay to start right where you are.  You are not them, they are not you.  Intention setting is super and I recommend it but you can do that any day of the week.  It doesn’t have to be January 1st or your whole year is blown.

Start where you are and go from there.

Look for more tips in this series coming next week.  I’ll be blogging much more now and hopefully, you’ll find lots of good ideas to help you get started.

Big news: I’ve opened my calendar up to talk with you about your business and what’s going on (or not!)

Go here [link to my calendar just for you] and pick a 30 minute appointment.  There’s no hard sell, no obligation.  Just me and you.

When we talk, I’ll bring in the business advisor from your Spirit Guide team (they are so cool).  You’ll leave with an action step and more clarity about where your business is going.  Sound good? Click the link above and get on my calendar and let’s get going!

I can’t wait to talk with you!