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Last year I walked in the 5k  Race for Hope, a foundation dedicated to raising funds for brain cancer research.  I got involved in it because I’m a fan of David Cook (who won American Idol in 2008). His brother Adam fought the disease for over ten years.  Adam lost his fight the night before the race last year and David still showed up and ran the 5k in the pouring rain.  A huge group of his fans ran/walked with him and raised the largest amount of money that year.

Team David Cook 2010

This year, David’s team again raised the most money in the race and he was right there, running the race with the others and honoring the memory of his brother.  I was unable to go this time because I hinked up my knees on the treadmill, trying to get in shape to do it.  What a bummer, right?  Last year was the first time I walked a 5k and I wanted to make it an annual thing.  But the Universe had other plans for me!

I was writing a post on a forum about something else and out of nowhere, I found myself writing about doing readings for the month of May with all proceeds going to the Race for Hope.  It was funny because the idea hadn’t entered my head at all before that.  And I know when something like that comes through, I am bound to respond.

So, here’s the offer good until May 31, 2010:

For a $20 donation to the National Brain Tumor Society (Race for Hope – DC) , I will send you by email (or snail mail) a Spirit Guide reading. This is three to five paragraphs based upon one or two questions – which is usually priced at $40 (short reading) to $60 (longer reading). (See this post for examples of the length of a short reading.)

Each reading is completely unique with information that is channeled exclusively for you. It’s as if you received a letter from your Guides. Casual in tone but with a high vibration, the readings often give advice, suggestions and practical information you can put to use right away.

You can make your donation on the Race for Hope site directly by going here.

If you wish to send a check, contact me by email (practicallyintuitive at gmail.com) for more information on where to send it.

However you do it, just let me know and we’ll go from there!

For more information on other services I offer, please go to this page.

Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Feel free to post them or email me. And know that I am so appreciative of not only your donation but for allowing me to be of service to you. This is what truly makes my heart happy.