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If you’ve never had a reading with an intuitive or a psychic or a medium, you might not be sure what to expect.

I’ve sampled many a reading in my day including:

  • a session with renowned psychic Rev. Dr. Reed Brown of Arlington Metaphysical Chapel wherein he told me the name of one of my Guides in Spirit.  Now, the guide was not your usual run of the mill Archangel (Sorry, Archangel Michael, no disrespect intended!) but the unusually named Vywamus.  The funny thing is, on the way to the appointment, I asked Vy to come through Pastor Brown so I’d know he was real.  And he did.  Back then, I was shocked. Now? I just smile and say “Yeah”.
  • healing sessions with several wonderful practitioners who used energy work to shift things around
  •  Aura healing sessions to remove cords of attachment
  • Personal Coaches who openly used their intuitive skills to guide me

Each healer used their wonderful Creator-given skills to assist me in moving forward on my path.  And each did it in a very unique way.

That’s the thing.

When you make an appointment with an intuitive, a healer, a psychic, a medium, etc.  you really can’t know ahead of time what to expect.

The way I bring through messages is very different than the way my friend Kara does, or AJ or Francis.

Are all valid?


Here’s why: You will be drawn to working with someone who is uniquely positioned to give you the message, healing or guidance you need.  I’ve seen that happen time and time again.

If you feel like you need some support on your path, how do you decide which way to go?

Let me offer some suggestions:

1) Ask your Guides and Teachers in Spirit to help you find someone with the set of skills that will best assist you.  And then pay attention to who shows up – what websites come through that pique your interest.  If a name of a reader or healer is mentioned out of the blue a couple times, you might want to look into that.  It’s what we in the biz call “a message” (heh!).

2) Do you like the energetic ‘feel’ of a certain person? That’s a big big clue. I remember going to a lunchtime seminar many years ago and really liked the speaker.  She happened to be a therapist who was lecturing about the benefits of humor in the workplace.  I knew I wanted to work with her right that day.  She became my therapist (and truly the person who kept me from going off the deep end) for many years.

3) Write to or email someone you’re considering working with and see how they respond.  My letter to the crossfit gym last week elicited a response from the lovely Drea that made me feel warm and taken care of and really paved the way for me to sign up for the appointment.  It was a big sign that I was moving in the right direction.  If you receive a response that makes you feel that way, take action.  It (and they) showed up to help you move forward.

What’s been your best way of knowing who can help you? A feeling? A recommendation? A nudge? Let us know in the comments below.