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With this previous post, I introduced in some detail energetic cords of attachment and the many benefits of removing them from your aura. 

 Today, I want to answer some questions that have come up during sessions with clients to give you a better idea of how this all works.

 How does a Cord of Attachment differ from a Spiritual Tie?

 Imagine you have two ropes between you and another person – one white and one gray. 

 The white rope is chock full of all the fun you’ve had, nifty vacations, and the joy you both have when with each other.  That’s the Spiritual Tie.

 The gray rope is full of the arguments, the time she was snitty with you and it hurt your feelings and the three times you didn’t really listen when she was sad.  Guess which one this is?

 You can let go of your end of the gray rope and by doing so, release all the energy that’s flowing back and forth between you – the hurt feelings, the anger, even the competition.  Just drop that end of the rope.

 But you get to keep holding on to the white rope and continue to feel all the joy that’s between you two.  You don’t have to hold both ropes – just the one that makes you happy.

 That’s what cutting a cord of attachment does – allows you to let go of the gray rope and stop the flow of yuck between you and another.  I don’t know about you, but I’m all for letting go of that and just keeping the joy.  Energetically it clears you up to hold your own feelings without being influenced by the toxic stuff of another.

 Bottom line: Keep your spiritual ties – they’re nice.  Let go of the icky gray rope.


 If I cut a cord of attachment, am I ending my relationship with that person?


 I think this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask.  The answer is NO.  All you are doing is removing the conduit of energy that flows between you so you can be in your own vibration without that particular influence on you.  What you choose to do after that is completely up to you.

Once a cord is cut between me and someone else, can it grow back again? 

As I understand it from my studies, a cord will not return. You get one cord and one spiritual tie per person. So, if you have a cord of attachment to your father and that cord is removed, another one will not grow in its place. One and done, as it were!

I’d like to make the most of my session and cut all the ties with my family. Can we do that?


 Nope – no can do.  There’s a one cord per session rule and I’m a fan of that.  Why? Because you’d be amazed at what kind of information can come through in a session.  The process to cut the cord itself is fast but what takes time is bringing through the information about what was in that cord so that you can learn from it. 

 Also, there’s a period after the cord is cut for integrating those lessons. There’s no way you can do all that in a short period of time and get the most out of the session.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have about this transformational healing work. Having seen it from both sides (facilitating and receiving), it almost defies explanation because the shifts and changes that come are that big. For real.