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Psychic But Sane” – that’s an attention-grabbing website name, isn’t it? I’m sure there are lots of people out there who wonder if psychics are sane. After all, when someone just “knows something” but can’t always tell you specifically how they know that thing, it’s normal to wonder what’s going on.

Regular readers of Practically Intuitive know that sanity is not in short supply here (it’s not, right?) and that’s also the case over at Anna Conlan’s site “Psychic But Sane”. What you’ll find there is a wealth of information, ideas and suggestions on how to develop your psychic ability. Anna believes, as I do, that we all have this skill. It’s just a matter of tuning in and listening.

I mention this as an introduction to my review of Anna’s course called “Psychic Awakening”. Anna and I share a few teachers so I wasn’t at all surprised to find her work resonates strongly with mine. And knowing that we share similar philosophies, I thought it might be fun to give my readers a look into her course.

As a natural researcher and a life-long student, I have an unquenchable thirst for knowing all about things that pique my interest. So when I say I’ve read a lot of material on learning how to work with your intuitive and psychic skills, Guides in Spirit and higher self, you know I’ve done my homework.

The Verdict

Psychic Awakening”, a course that aspires to teach you how to wake up your psychic abilities is a gem.

Truly, it is.

And here’s why:

Anna has the rare ability to teach on several different levels so no matter what your skill set or training, your time is well spent.

Have you ever been in a class where the teacher presents the material on just one level and either it’s way over your head or you are bored to tears? It’s a very unusual talent to be able to write and teach in a way so that all who listen feel that they learned something. That’s how I felt with this course. I wasn’t bored with it even though it’s information I’ve read in many other places. That’s when you know you’ve run into a great teacher.

This is a course that grows with you – wherever it is you are starting from. I learned some really cool exercises to strengthen my skills and practiced them with exceptional results. The entire course is very readable, well-structured and organized which assists in building confidence in the new found skills.

The Details

The course consists of a well-organized PDF document, broken down into three distinct sections:

** First: laying the groundwork for connecting with your higher self and spirit guides.

** Next: techniques to communicate with your spirit guides and higher self

** Finally: practicing these techniques to gain confidence

In addition to the written materials, Anna provides 13 MP3 tracks that reflect the written material adding things here and there such as meditations. (BTW, she has the most lovely accent and it’s easy to float along listening to her voice and the high vibration.) Each chapter consists of information, often a bit of Anna’s personal experience with it and exercises for you to integrate what you’ve just learned. While there’s a lot of information, it’s not overwhelming. I read a chapter at a time and let it digest a bit before moving to the exercises. There’s a nice, peaceful flow to the material.

Who would benefit from this course

While I’d like to say that just about anyone would benefit from Anna’s course, I am reminded of my husband who would consider it torture to learn about this. (He’s happy in his fantasy football league world.) So, I’d narrow down the list to those who are just learning about psychic abilities and wondering what theirs might be as well as those who have a sincere desire to take their present skills to another level. As I said earlier, it’s a course that grows with you. Here I am, with over ten years in the intuitive skills arena and a practitioner myself and I learned some new techniques from it.

If you’re at all intrigued by this course, pop on over to Psychic But Sane and read more about it. She’s put a lot of work into this and it shows. (And really, it’s amazingly priced so just about anyone can afford it. It’s an immediate download of PDF and MP3s so you can get to work right away.)

Anna’s tagline for the course is: “The Most Complete Course You’ll Find on the Internet for Developing Your Psychic Abilities” and I agree 100%.