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What? A certification program?

Lisa, are you for real?

In between blogging my ass off and creating the Trust Your Intuition Bootcamp, I decided to create the a professional intuitive mentoring and certification program aimed at helping those with intuitive skills gain the confidence to step out and give readings and even start their own practice.

What inspired this, you ask?

I have a passion for practical intuitive readings.  The guidance that comes through must be of use  in some way *right now*.  And having received many, many readings in the past, I can tell you that the ones that are helpful in a significant way are few and far between.  I wanted to support those who are called to serve others in this way learn to give good, down-to-earth, helpful and empowering readings.

Who is this mentoring program for, you ask?

It’s for you if you’re this person:

  • You’re the one people come all the time for advice and you always know what to say (even if you don’t know where that info seems to come from!)
  • Being of service in a way that involves your soul makes you want to fly off the roof with joy
  • You know you have these skills but you don’t know the next step or even the first step.
  • You lack the confidence to really get out there and charge for your readings (EEEK!)
  • You want to supplement your income and build a business of your own where you call all the shots

Who are you to teach it? (Goodness! You ask a lot of questions!)

I’m a born scholar – love to learn, soak it up like a sponge and have taken more courses in both Woo and non-Woo than you can begin to imagine.

And courses are nice – heck, I could spend the rest of my life studying any damn thing (not math!) and I’d be happy.

The real test, though, is can I take what I learned and apply it?

Can I create a full-time business doing what I love in just the way I want to do it?

Can I teach others how to give readings with integrity and practical focus?

Can I help them build a business from scratch?

The answer is YES.

I built Practically Intuitive nights and weekends while I held down a full-time job, invested thousands in coaching and business courses and learned how to put it all together to create a successful practice.

Not knowing any more than how to give a really good reading, I learned bit by bit how to build a Facebook following, an email list, a presence online and clients who love working with me enough to return again and again.

It doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t let anyone tell you that.

But the good news is that it DOES happen with intention and desire and help from someone whose been there, done that (and done it well!).

In Level One – a four month program, I will teach you the core pieces you need to offer high-level intuitive readings and create your own business.

You’ll learn how to:

  • offer readings that are of high value (so people will want to come to you again and again) ,
  • take care of yourself on your own spiritual path
  • how to work with all kinds of clients
  • how to get rid  of blocks around accepting payment for your services
  • The basics you’ll need to get your site and business up,  running and creating income for you NOW
  • And lots more!

The best part?

You won’t get 14 cds in the mail and a million downloads and workbooks to slog through on your own.  You won’t get just one hour of vague help from someone who doesn’t know you and your skills from Adam.

What you will get is ME – live on the phone in weekly calls where you can have all your questions answered.

I’ll get to know you through those calls and can offer guidance and help that’s right for you, specifically.

You’ll get tons and tons of support in the Facebook group where we’ll look at your progress and pair you up with a buddy to help work through whatever comes up for you.

You’ll get a one-on-one hour session with me (BONUS!) where we can bring your Guides in and plot out your next steps.  Doesn’t get much better than straight from those amazing Spirit Guides and I’m your hotline to the Divine.


Level Two is a one-on-one, six month program – just  me and you working on your readings and your business so that you can become a Certified Practical Intuitive.  (Wait until you hear the goodies that come to those who attain this certification!)

If all this grabs your interest, hold tight because more details are coming soon!

(SHHH! It will be offered at an introductory price you will not believe. Seriously.)