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4 Keys to an Authentic Business & Life
A 4-week adventure into uncovering your genuine self so that you can shine in your life just as you are. Course consists of 4 60-minute recorded training calls, supplemental information for most weeks and clearing loops to help release deeply held patterns. Read more about it by going here: http://www.practicallyintuitive.com/4keystraining/
Price: $54.00



Intuitive Business Mastery 201
Next level help for your online business - learn what programs you need and what can wait, how to follow up with your prospects and clients to stay connected and how to network in Facebook groups and run your own as part of your marketing pipeline. Lots of content and action steps to help you get started and move to the next level in your business. (4 downloadable MP3s, and Guidebook)
Price: $47.00



Working With Spirit Guides Course
All you need to know to get in touch with your Guide team. It's like having the best Board of Directors you could ask for! Find out how to work with your own team through this 3-part series. Includes 3 MP3 training classes and Information Guide
Price: $45.00
Price: $20.00



Trust What You Get (e-book)
Learn how to receive and trust the inner wisdom you have at your fingertips (and might not be using!). Easy-to-use guide shows you how to tell what's the real voice of your intuition so you're not wondering if you're making it all up!
Price: $10.00


60 Minute Recorded Intuitive Reading
60 Minute Recorded Intuitive Reading
This is a 60-minute recorded intuitive reading.
Price: $150.00


Soul + Strategy Business Jam Session
Support, Ideas, Plans, Follow-up: It's all yours!
Price: $297.00


Monthly Mentoring
You get me, when you need me. By phone, by email, by carrier pigeon (okay, not the pigeon!) but you get me when you need the support. Don’t have lots of stuff going on one month? Roll your time into the next when you DO need some assistance.
Price: $500.00


Whats Possible Kickstart
A mini-VIP day where we plan, strategize and rock and roll you out there! It's time to make your dreams real and this is where we do it.
Price: $750.00