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I’ve worked with a lot of business coaches and mentors, and the hour I spent with Lisa was the most aligned, resonant, and useful hour I’ve ever had with a business coach or mentor! The Soul + Strategy Business Jam Session was THE BEST investment, and the first session was THE best hour of business coaching/mentoring ever. I now fully understand what I need in a business coach/mentor, and I got that from Lisa: someone who focuses on what’s aligned with ME and what’s best for ME rather than applying a cookie cutter approach or what’s worked for THEM. With other business mentors, I often felt like their advice wasn’t quite right for me: it often felt a bit out of alignment. With Lisa, it all felt aligned. What sets Lisa apart from every other business mentor I know of is that she works with my guides to get additional information and another perspective on the business conversation. This is very unique, and I believe it’s very important to get that higher wisdom. Everything they said to me totally resonated, and I’m so excited about moving forward based on what we discussed. Holly Worten

Mindset Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs, Ready To Bloom

Working with Lisa is an energetic shot in the arm! She is so tuned in that you can get lots done in a very short space of time. Her advice is insightful and spot on, and I adore her connected, down to earth style. She may be the High Priestess of Woo, but she’s also the most eminently practical priestess of woo around. I also love that she can hear and communicate with my guides–sometimes more clearly than I do! I trust her guidance, because I know that she isn’t trying to fit me into what she is offering; she is helping me find what is a fit for me and my business.” Dr. Heather Clark

Intuitive coach, healer and speaker, Vibrant Again

 Lisa is unlike most intuitives I know because she GETS business. She has the nuts and bolts of business and technology mastered and she is often a go-to resource for tools and tips to make the business side of my business easier and more functional without getting bogged down with it being complicated. Plus she’s a master at the intuition side – there is no one else I refer people to so they can connect with their guides. And to have all of that in ONE package? It’s a no-brainer to work with Lisa.   Angella Johnson

Visionary. Truth Teller. Strategist. Intuitive. Profit Alchemist

Lisa is an amazingly insightful coach. I was feeling stuck with my website copy and ignored it for about a year. I didn’t even want to look at my site. I’m so used to writing for others and I had trouble writing for myself. But with just our initial session together, I was filled with fresh ideas for my business! It definitely kickstarted me back into my work. Lisa helped me find my “voice” in writing about my work. She is an injection of motivation and is an absolute joy to work with. Lana Le

Soul Path Light

  I have coached with Lisa over the years and I am very impressed with the way she works. Lisa gets down to business and wastes no time. The valuable information comes through quickly and I have much content to implement as well as clear action steps to take. She is a clear channel for my guides so the information is personal and relevant to me and my unique business. I have had profound shifts due to my work with Lisa. I have regained motivation, excitement and hope due to my work with Lisa.   Kelly St. Claire

Inner & Outer Beauty Coach, Cast a Spark

Working with Lisa has been such a joy. She went above and beyond what was expected, and her passion to serve really came through. I was going through a lot major life decisions and felt stressed out all the time. But she was always able to be the voice of reason, no matter how tough she had to be. She is a delightful, funny and informative person with an undeniable talent and a lot to offer. I learned so much from working with Lisa and her ability to tap into my spirit guides was quite impressive!   Melissa Opie

I have had the great joy of working with Lisa and I have had several sessions with her, as well as a student in her certification course. Lisa is always gentle, but to the point and helps me to dig deeper into my intuition in order to bring out more information for my clients. She also helps me personally to move into a more expansive space in order to bring out more of my gifts. I love the way she is always spot on with the information she gets from my guides for me, and how she is so supportive, loving and kind. I definitely recommend working with Lisa! She is the true deal.   Robin Chellis

Energy Alchemist

I recently decided to take advantage of Lisa’s offer for a free 30 minute Business Breakthrough call and LET ME TELL YOU…I am truly thankful that I did! Not only did Lisa offer valuable advice and guidance related to my new business endeavors; she released a huge blockage, deep within my psyche that had been filling me with fear, affecting my ability to feel comfortable with my true self and tell the world that I am a Tarot Reader. After the call my confidence rose and I quickly launched my website. I look forward to working with Lisa in the future and I would HIGHLY recommend her services. Stephanie Sweet

Elemental Tarot Reader

Many thanks, for a deeply valuable, informative, supportive, validating and encouraging reading. I’m grateful for the insights and clarifications and for the tips about clearing and trusting. I wholeheartedly recommend what you do and encourage anyone who may have been hesitant about having a reading to go for it.   Samantha P.

Lisa, thank you so very much for an insightful talk yeaterday. I scrawled pages of notes and am amazed — you truly offer practical intuition! :) I have lots to digest over the coming days and will surely be in touch for more of support from you. Thanks again. Tamsin D.

That was a very intense and cathartic reading you gave me last night. I will definitely be a repeat client. You and your guides ROCK! I am very much looking forward to working with you and your guides in the future. BTW Love your website too I visit it often. Chana D.

  I’ve had two really good readings with Lisa and am heeding the wisdom from my guides. She’s the real deal and also just a delight to talk with. She’s also highly attuned in the sense of only getting and delivering insight that will inspire you and help you. She operates on a very high and loving vibration (as you would have guessed, but I would like to affirm).   FDB

My experience with Lisa was life-changing! She is such a gifted intuitive and the information she gave me was actionable, relevant, and extremely accurate to my situation. She has helped me recognize parts of myself that were buried under years of programming and has given me the confidence to express them. She is a wonderful teacher and guide and her manner is gentle yet profound. Her beautiful gift of communication with Spirit Guide Teams provides for a unique, fully customized session every time and I find this so refreshing! Lisa is such a genuine person and I feel that I can always count on her to tell me what I need to hear in order to take my next step, both in life and in business. Stephanie Camilleri

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