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Hi everyone,

As 2010 comes to an end, I’m looking toward taking Practically Intuitive to a new level. I’ll be adding podcasts, teleclasses, group coaching and more! It’s going to be big fun in 2011!

I’d really love to know what you’re interested in when it comes to making your intuition work for you in practical ways. I’ve got years and years of experience and knowledge to share and want to be sure I’m taking things in a direction that is of benefit to you.

If you have just a minute, I’d appreciate you taking this survey so I can tailor my offerings to what you all want to see. Just click on this link right here — LINKY — and it will take you to the survey.

And here’s a special treat: if you include your email address (totally optional), I’ll pick one lucky respondent who will win a free 30 minute call with me! Pretty cool, eh?

Once again, here’s the link –> Practically Intuitive Survey

Thanks to all my current subscribers who already took the survey. I’ve gotten so much new information that will help me shape my offerings. More is always welcome, though, so survey away!

(And if you’re not a subscriber already, what are you waiting for? Intuitive goodness awaits you! Sign up over there at the top right corner. I promise to take good care of your email address.)