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Coaching is a pretty big deal these days.
There are business coaches, personal coaches, and of course, the time-tested sports coach.
All of them help us be our best self with some (often tough) love, perseverance and holding a vision for us we cannot yet hold.
In today’s podcast, I talk about how eye-opening it is to have a coach in an area where you are particularly vulnerable.
Listen in!

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #47  What’s the big deal about coaches?

Hi everyone and welcome to the Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com and on these podcasts I talk about all kinds of things from chit chatting with the dead to how to live your life consciously to bringing more self-authority into your life.

I like to keep the focus on practical matters so you can see that the woo-woo isn’t all ‘out there’ somewhere but right inside you.  All you have to do is decide to use it.

Today I’m asking the question: What’s the big deal about coaches? Good lord, there are coaches everywhere: life coaches, business coaches, sports coaches – well, they’ve been around forever, haven’t they?  There’s a coach for just about anything you want to learn about.

Do you even need one? I mean, you could go to a therapist or talk to your best friend over lattes or journal your butt off. Same thing, right?

No, not so much.

Here’s why: when you engage a coach, you are saying YES to seeing things differently. You are being willing to allow someone in close enough to see you and help you see the things you’re missing.

Well, doesn’t a therapist do that?  Kinda sorta but in general, a therapist has more of a focus on what’s happened in the past,  helping you untangle what got you here and offers strategies to integrate the healing into your life.  It’s a very structured relationship with tight ethical boundaries as proscribed by law.

A coach, on the other hand, is often a less-formal kind of relationship, more of a partnership where they walk along side you, pointing out the rocks and stuff so you don’t fall.  Coaches are more actively involved in your life than a therapist might be.

I’ve had a couple coaches in my life along with therapists (often at the same time!) and each has their role in helping me navigate the icky stuff in my life (and celebrate the wonderful stuff!).

As I’ve said in the past, I don’t fear emotional work.  So, I’m probably an ideal client because I love to get in there and dig around.

But I really came to understand the role of a coach in a setting that was, for me, very different.  And I wanted to share with you how it really brought home how much we thrive with the right support.

Yes, I went to the crossfit appointment and though I felt intimidated, I showed up.  Shannon greeted me and asked a bunch of questions and tried to get a feel for where I am physically. She had no judgment and I felt seen and heard as I sat on the couch and cried. (Still with the crying, I know!)

While I had some little fantasy of being taken to a room off the side where chubby chicks can crossfit without embarrassment, that was not quite the reality.

She put me right out in front of all the grunting, sweaty guys lifting weights.  And she stepped me through a short version of a crossfit work out.

I lost my fear, I lost my intimidation and all I felt was “I can do this!” because she helped me every step of the way.  She truly coached me in a way I’ve never experienced before because I’ve never, ever put my physical self out there that way before.

I signed up right then and there for twelve 30 minute appointments (2x a week) because she helped me see myself through her eyes.

One of the things I do well is see the potential in others. As a coach myself, I hold that vision until my client can see that potential too.  Then we walk toward it together.

This is what Shannon did for me last week.  She held the vision that I can trust my body to do these things.  And while I may not believe in that yet, I believe in her belief in me. For right now, that’s enough to get me to crossfit Mondays and Wednesday.

Can you imagine how much you’d thrive with just the right support?

Do you even know what that looks like?  I’d love to hear what you consider to be “just the right support” to help you move in the direction of your goals.

Please share in the comments below because while coaches are an awesome resource, they’re not the only ones who can give us what we need.  Who has supported you?

Finally, I’m really excited to be part of Jodi Chapman’s E-course called “Coming Back to Life”.  I’m involved in Week 4 which is all about opening to your intuition.  I’ve recorded a video with some hints and tips and things to look out for as you dive even more deeply into your inner wisdom.

You can join before 9/1 for the special earlybird price of 77$ and have this course delivered right to your inbox starting October 1st.  Lots of great people are sharing their stories and it looks to be chock full of information and practical exercises to help re-awaken your soul to the work it came here to do.

That’s a wrap for this week –  I hope you’ll come by the Practically Intuitive facebook page, there’s always something going on there!

Until next time, this is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com Bye for now!