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Today’s podcast is about the really cool thing I learned while hanging out with Andrrea Hess in Arizona last week.

What is it your soul came here to do? How can you find out? Listen and learn, kids!

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from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #42 What does your soul long to do?

Hi and welcome to the Practically Intuitive podcast. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com – nice to have you listen in!

I just got back from a weekend seminar on Money and Purpose hosted by my wonderful mentor, Andrrea Hess of Empowered Soul. Held in Phoenix, AZ (where it was a balmy 111 degrees when I landed!), it was three days of learning, connecting and a new understanding of how to work with our soul’s purpose. I met lots of like-minded people there and, of course, Andrrea herself. As they say, a good time was had by all.

I’ve studied Andrrea’s “Soul Realignment” program which accesses the Akashic Records for information on soul purpose and energetic clearing at that level. She showed us another application of that information this weekend and I found it to be pretty profound.

According to Andrrea, there are eight primary energetic qualities that make up your Soul’s energetic matrix. By accessing these energy centers and bringing into consciousness the lessons contained, we can learn how we are uniquely wired to create abundance.

For example, my soul’s energy spectrum resides largely in the fifth energy center which is the realm of communication, of the spiritual teacher and the written and spoken word. I’m sure you all would have guessed that in a heartbeat, right? She says that those who reside in this energy center predominately help others change at the level of thought and mind by introducing new ways to look at life. Helping others get to those “lightbulb” moments often by taking the abstract and bringing it down into concrete. (So you can see where I was so obsessed with intuition being made practical! It came from the drive in that energy center.)

The second energy center strongly represented in my soul’s vibration is that of Divine Order. It gives me an innate sense of fairness, law, karma and balance. It is also what makes me a good teacher because I like to create things in a structured, organized way, creating systems and methods that allow you to remain in harmony. Seriously, I can take clutter in my house but woe unto the person who tries to teach me in a disorganized manner!

I found all this very interesting because knowing how your soul likes to work *and* following that with consciousness makes a huge amount of difference not only on your everyday life but on your ability to create abundance. If I were to follow a path of , say an energy center where my soul resides in a minute way (for example, the first which is all about tending to basic human needs on a social or planetary level) I would probably be very, very frustrated. And definitely NOT abundant because I don’t have all the tools to pull that off successfully. It’d be like trying to build a house with one small screwdriver. No matter what you do, a house ain’t appearing for you!

There are also certain, shall we say, down sides to each energy center and boy don’t I know that! For the fifth, the issue is about staying a perpetual student, loving the information so much that you can gorge on it and hang back from teaching what you know in the world. For me, this shows up in my love for self-improvement programs. Even now, when I know I could teach half of what comes into my email in-box from other practitioners, part of me is drawn to it because … more information, y’all! I need it! Shifting from student to teacher is one of the challenges there but, again, with consciousness, I’ll make that leap.

Wouldn’t you love to know what particular gifts and skills your soul came equipped with? Imagine blending them together to create your very own path to abundance! I loved watching that realization dawn on my fellow seminar attendees this weekend as they finally *GOT* it. So much insight came as Andrrea showed us how to express our Divine gifts in this lifetime. So so cool!

If you’re wondering what your gifts are and how you can begin to create a path based on those rather than who you are not, I’d love to do this reading for you! It’s a bit more detailed than my usual readings but once we have the information, we can look at all the options for you. Especially if you’re considering a career change, this is vital to know! Email me and we can talk about it in more detail.

That’s all for this week – since I’ve given up my invisibility cloak, I plan to intersperse the podcasts with videos because I found out that I’m quite the ham when I get on camera! If you’ve watched my video on Breaking Barriers, you’ll see that side of me.

This is Lisa from PI.com wishing you a wonderful summer week! Bye for now!