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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Bless me Father for I have sinned.

Oh wait, no. That’s not right.

I do have a confession, though. Listen in! (You know you love those ‘True Confession’ kind of stories!)

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Confession Time

Hi everyone and welcome to the Practically Intuitive podcast! This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com – thanks for listening in.

I’m going to jump right in here and make a confession to you. Ready? Here goes: I am invisible. Really. I wear a cloak of invisibility when I go out – you can’t see it (or me!) because, well, it works!

Now, I can hear you all saying “We’ve seen pictures and even videos of you, Lisa, so that cloak isn’t as good as you think!”

I do take it off every once in a while but for the most part, I wear it whenever I go out and I wear two whenever I attend live events such as seminars and concerts and such.

In fact, I even had someone mention to me that I have the uncanny ability to completely disappear in a room. She said she’ll look over and see me and then ten minutes later, she’ll look and I’ll have disappeared.

So, yeah. Invisible.

Big deal, right? We all like to fly under the radar sometimes.

Here’s the thing, though. If you are going to take your business out into the world you have to be (wait for it) visible! As my Guides in Spirit once told me “You can’t help people if they can’t find you.” (Aren’t they wise?)

And if one of your soul’s missions is to be of service, then flying under the radar really means you’re not doing your soul’s work.

You know how I feel about that, don’t you?

What a dilemma! Being invisible has been my way of operating for as long as I can remember. Changing such an ingrained pattern takes a lot of work and mostly, it takes a lot of desire and will to step out of it.

If I were my own client (ha! And sometimes I am!), I’d ask myself: how does being invisible serve you?

And I’d answer back: well, it doesn’t draw any attention to me. I can just hide and watch.

So then I’d ask myself again: Why do you feel there’s a need to hide? What is your fear?

And I’d answer back: if I draw attention to myself, then I open myself up for judgment. I also open myself up to being hurt by that judgment. Better to just stay out of sight and not get hurt.

I bet there are a lot of you out there who have felt or are still feeling the same way. So much safer to just play it small. I really do understand. A lot of it comes from a childhood where my perception was that I was second best always. One summer I even tried to stand out, be helpful, be pleasant to everyone and no one noticed. Not one person. I decided that sitting in the house reading a book was much easier and I didn’t get my feelings hurt.

But now that doesn’t serve me any longer.

Playing small feels like I’m not living in my soul’s purpose.

For me, that’s pretty big motivation. Changing and growing more into who I am is one of my top three priorities in life. It really *is* that important to me.

The invisibility cloak must go.

And that’s scary.

Who am I underneath it? If I show who I really, truly am (Lisa unplugged, as it were) will people still like and accept me?

It almost feels like I’m jumping off a cliff.

But I have no choice, really. If I am to do my work in the big way that I feel called to do, I have to lay it all out there – all the parts of me that I am not as fond of as well as all the parts of me that I think are pretty damn awesome.

How do I do this?

Well, in every single place in my life where I would normally hide, I have to be visible. Relationships, my work, classes I teach – I have to be fully out there with all that I am.

Part of me rejoices at that thought. I get to be fully myself.

The other part of me, the scared little girl who thought no one cared about her because her mother told her that, is freaking out just a bit. (Yes, my mother really did say “Honey, no one cares about your stuff. I’m the only one who does.” Can you imagine telling your child that? This is what happens when you act out of your pain – that was my mother’s feelings about herself in her life. It wasn’t about me at all but that little girl inside sure thought that. Still sometimes thinks that.

Thing thing is: yes, there will be people who don’t care about me. There will be people who judge me. I cannot control that. I can’t.
What I can control is whether I am living in the fullest light of God’s love and doing the work my soul wants to do in this lifetime.

It’s in the process of learning to feel safe without the cloak that my soul learns and grows and evolves.

I’m not sure yet what that will look like.

But I do know that a shift is at hand for me and for the work I’m doing. Yes, I will still be doing readings and teaching but the focus may change a bit as I step out more and show you all what I know and how I can help. I’ve been hiding it for too long in fear of judgment.

Time to let that go.

What is it you need to release so you can live your life cloak-free?

Who are you underneath the façade you wear?

Join me in this journey from wherever you are right now. Take one step into that space of who you could be if you were ALL you know you are.

We’ll hold hands and go together, okay?

Whew! Confession time is over! Say three Hail Mary’s and an Our Father and you’ll be fine! (waves to all the Catholics out there!)

This is Lisa from PractiallyIntuitive.com wishing you a lovely and highly visible week! See you next time!