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What’s the biggest hurdle you face in working with your intuition? Believing it’s there and stepping into the trust.

I talk a bit about that in today’s podcast.

Tell me, what stops you from using your free GPS??

Also, here’s the link to watch yours truly speaking with Julie Siebert at Reawakening Your Brilliance.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts
Podcast #39: Free GPS: Get Yours Now!

Hi everyone and welcome to the bi-weekly Practically Intuitive podcast! This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com – nice to have you here.

One of the things I often talk about is learning to work with your Guides and Teachers in Spirit and the benefits of being able to do that. If you’re wondering where to start, I’m gonna hook you up! Look for an announcement of my three-class teleseries “Co-creating with your Guide Team – it’s easier than you think” later this week. And if you’re on my email list, I have a special offer just for you. (If you’re not, better go there right now and sign up so you can get in on it too!)

Also, if you missed the webtv interview I did with Jule Siebert of Reawakening your Brilliance, you can find a link to it here. I step out from behind the microphone and talk about all kinds of topics, field questions from listeners and just have a good old time talking about the woo.

Today’s topic is something near and dear to my heart – trusting your intuition. As I’ve mentioned, I grew up watching my mom just “know things” that always – always – were right. In our family, her “vibes” were sort of legendary and it took no great leap for me to put what she said and what actually happened together and see that she was spot on.

So, listening to my intuition and trusting it was almost like breathing to me. Why wouldn’t you trust it, I thought?

As I began working with my clients, I saw that this thing that came so easily to me was probably the biggest hurdle they faced. How do you trust what you get? How do you know your mind didn’t make it up?

So many of us are not used to hearing that still, small voice inside much less giving it any value. If you think you don’t have a GPS, you won’t look for it to guide you, right?

But if someone gave you a cool navigational tool and said “it’s easy to use and will get you anywhere you need to go”, you’d probably use it. Because why not?

Same with your intuition. It’s there. You were born with it. It came with the original packaging. Why are you letting it sit on a shelf, gathering dust?


Fear of using it and being wrong.

Fear of what others would say if you made big decisions based on your inner knowing.

All kinds of things get stirred up when you turn on that GPS, don’t they?

My husband comes from the perspective that logic is king. When I make a decision, he used to ask what I based it upon. Most times, I’d reply, “Just a feeling I have” – can I tell you how hard that is for someone trained in empirical evidence to accept? I bet you have someone like that in your life, too. Trying to explain that you make your decisions based on your inner knowing is like telling them that you had someone look into a crystal ball and divine the future. They cannot wrap their head around it much less give it one iota of credence.

Now, husband has lived with me long enough to know that I go by my “spidey sense” all the time. He’s even stopped asking me what I base this knowing on because he has heard the answer enough times. Yet, I will tell you that he actually does listen and pays attention to me if I tell him I’m getting a “wonky vibe” about something. He doesn’t trust it in himself (and I don’t think he ever will) but he does trust it in me.

See, here’s the thing: we all have this inner voice that helps guide us. Every. Single. Person. on this planet has it. Whether you choose to develop it is part of your free will. If you never take your GPS out of the box and it gathers dust on a shelf, that is your choice entirely.

But if you reach up and open the box, take it out and turn it on, it will begin to assist you right there, wherever you are. The battery doesn’t die or fade away. Your intuition is available to you whenever you’re ready be it when you’re 8 or 80. And learning to tune in and trust this gift will assist you so much on your path and purpose in this lifetime (and all the ones to come).

It’s right there waiting for you. Can you be brave enough to reach for it high atop that shelf?

If you’re ready to make a commitment to yourself to step onto your path with roller skates, I can help. I know how to trust 100% – you can, too. Email me for an application and more information on my Intuitive Development Mastery program.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the spring weather and I’ll talk to you next time.

This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com – bye for now.