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Sometimes you just don’t want to listen to your higher self. Why is that? In today’s podcast, I look at why that might be.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts
Podcast #38: Why you ain’t listening to your higher self

Hi everyone and welcome to the Practically Intuitive podcast! This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com. I’m glad you’re joining me.

Taking this work full-time means lots of fun changes, classes and new stuff around the corner. I’ll be doing these podcasts every other week now and will, of course, send you an email when they’re out.

If you’re around Wednesday evening March 28th, I’ll be talking live with Julie Siebert at “Reawaken Your Brilliance” at 8pm eastern. Come join in on the conversation and ask your questions about working with your own intuition.

I’m also offering an Intuitive Development Mastery course that will teach you to have 100% trust in your intuition with total reliability. Imagine having the ability and trust to tune in at any time, no matter the circumstances! That’s a skill that will serve you well the rest of your life. If this is something that jumps out at you, email me and see if this is a good fit for where you are right now.

Today’s topic is all about why you’re not listening to your higher self when it gives you all the guidance you need,

We all know there are things we “should” be doing, right? Eating better, exercising, getting enough rest and on and on. And still we snarf down McDonalds, sit around on the couch and surf the web aimlessly. If we know better, why aren’t we doing better?

Good question! Change can be hard when it comes from outside ourselves – like our spouse nagging us to do something we don’t feel like doing – and that sets up all kinds of roadblocks. But when change comes from inside us, from our own decisions, it’s a bit easier to move into it.

Listening to guidance is like that, too. If we perceive that someone “out there” is telling us what we should be doing, the natural inclination is to do the opposite. Realizing that it’s coming from inside you is a necessary shift in perspective for you to take action.

When I say “coming from inside you” – what do I mean? I mean guidance comes from the highest and best part of you – the part of your soul that knows why you’ve incarnated in a physical body and what you you’ve chosen to work on while in it. When you listen to that guidance, there’s no need to fight it because it’s aligned with all your goals.

And…still we do, don’t we?

It’s not because we don’t believe it and it’s not because we don’t want to accomplish those goals. In fact, it’s just the opposite. To know that we can do and be all we came here for is scary. And not just “little bit scary” but big “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” scary.

What if you listened to your inner guidance and actually did all the pieces that came before you? What if everything shifted and you got the things you needed and wanted to do your soul work? What then?

How do you stand in the light of all you are and all you can be and not run away? This is why we don’t often listen. This is why we don’t always take the action.

Because doing that calls us to step into our power and our gifts. It’s much easier to fly under the radar, only doing a bit of what you are here to do because then, if things don’t work out, you have an excuse.

For several years, I’ve been telling people how I can’t wait until I can do this work full-time because it’s my passion and my joy! If only, if only, if only. And, here I am having been given a gift from the Universe that I arranged and manifested and now I’ve got to show up – with all my skills and gifts and fears and doubts. I’ve got to stand in the light of what I came here to do and do it.

It’s just a little bit intimidating, you know? But I cannot not do it. I can’t. It came from my soul and I am following that guidance wherever it leads.

You can, too. Even if it’s scary to step out, you must. It’s what you are here to do. And, it requires an enormous amount of faith and trust in yourself.

How do you even start? WHERE do you even start? These are such good questions to ask in an intuitive reading. Your Guides and your Higher Self have answers for you. Can you hear these answers? Can you feel them?

I’ve got the clear connection to your guides and can help you take action right today on one thing that moves you on your path. Contact me if you want to know what that is and we’ll get started.

That’s all for this week. My next podcast will be in two weeks but in the meantime, come play with us on Facebook. I welcome your thoughts and comments, as always.

This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com. Have a lovely week! Bye for now.