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In addition to your regular group of Spirit Guides, you can request a “Special Assignment” Guide to work with you on all kinds of specific projects. Hear more about these Guides in today’s podcast!

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts
Podcast #37: Special Assignment Spirit Guides: yours for the asking

Hello and welcome to the weekly Practically Intuitive Podcast. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com – thanks for checking in!

Those of you who listen to me regularly (or read my blog) are familiar with the concept of having guides and teachers in spirit – known as your “spirit guide team”. This is a group of highly evolved souls who have incarnated before and as part of their evolutionary path have agreed to assist other souls currently in physical form. Everyone has between 4-6 Guides who they’ve agreed to work with prior to incarnating. Whether you acknowledge and co-create with them or not, they’re there. We all have them.

But let’s say you have a certain thing you’re working on – could be starting a new career, seeking a romantic relationship with someone that’s truly a partnership, or maybe writing a book or screenplay. You can have a Guide come on your team to help you with that one specific project. This is a Guide who helps get you started and then departs when you both agree that you are done.

This Guide is not there to advise you on general life issues; they come built-in with the particular expertise that you need. Think of them almost like a doctor who specializes in one thing. You wouldn’t go to someone who does dental surgery for a pain in your foot, right? Same thing here. This Guide brings very specialized information and guidance and you want to be sure you are getting the most out of the relationship.

I have a Guide named Charles, for example, who works with me on my professional intuitive practice. I don’t talk to him a lot but every so often he pops up and shares something with me that I might find useful.

I don’t recall consciously asking for a Guide for that purpose but clearly I was putting out an “All points bulletin” that I needed and wanted help since taking this work full-time was my goal.

So, How did I become aware of this Guide?

Every day, walking from the parking deck into my office, I’d chat with my Guide Team about what the energies were, what things I could focus on or sometimes just to whine about why I even had to go into this job. I kept getting the name “Charles” in my head but I dismissed it, wondering why I was thinking about my ex-boyfriend from 13 years ago. I dismissed it and dismissed it probably for several months. Until one day, a lightbulb went on over my head and I thought maybe this was a Guide trying to get through to me. I said to all my Guides if that was the case, I needed to hear the name Charles to my face that day.

Of course, as these things go, I got that sign probably twenty minutes into the working day when someone asked me if I received paperwork from a client’s husband named (you guessed it) Charles. Once I got that confirmation, I was good to go. I sat down later that night and invited Charles to speak to me and he spilled out about five pages of information that I could choose to take action on. He’s been with me ever since and whenever I start hearing that name in my head, I know it’s time to sit down and listen.

You can have a special assignment guide come help you with your projects. They will offer advice, suggestions, options and more to get you focused and moving in a direction aligned with your soul path and purpose. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a dedicated partner working alongside with you? It’s yours for the asking. Truly.

One thing I often hear from my clients is that they are aware their guides are out there but they aren’t able to clearly communicate with them. You can do it, we all can.

But it takes practice and like anything new you learn, it helps to have someone instruct you in it first, right? I’m sure you’d rather have someone who’s driven a car for many years teach you about it instead of someone who read about it from a book and has never done it. I sure would!

That’s why I offer not only readings where I bring through your Guides but help you learn how to connect with them in the best way possible. It’s really all about fine-tuning your ability to receive their information and then work with it. Even though I have always heard their voice, I didn’t know how to work with that information until I got some direct help from teachers who knew how to make it very clear to me. That increased my natural ability ten-fold and helped me to a new level of co-creating with these guides.

If you’re serious about improving your communication with your Spirit Guide team and calling in or learning to work with a special assignment Guide, I can help you do it it faster and easier than you can imagine. It’s a lot of fun – like having your own pocket expert on call! The Universe gives us so much support – are you using all that’s available to you?

Thanks for listening! Come visit us at the Facebook Fan page where I post lots of goodies but don’t clutter up your timeline! I’m nice like that! Have a wonderful week! this is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com. Bye for now!