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How can you hear the voice of your Guide Team and better yet, learn to trust that it really is them communicating with you?

In today’s podcast, I give you one great suggestion on how to do that straight from the Guide Teams themselves!

Tune in and listen. Feel free to comment on what your experience has been in the comment section or on the PI Facebook page.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #33: A really easy way to hear from your Guides

Hi and welcome to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast! This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com – happy to have you listen in.

By the way, if you have a topic suggestion or just want to know more about ways you can bring your intuition into your life in a very practical and useful way, let me know! I’m always on the lookout for podcast topics.

Today’s topic comes from my work with clients over the past two weeks. I’ve noticed that their Guides have been suggesting the same thing and wondered if that didn’t mean I should broadcast that to a larger audience.

Wonder no more! I’m broadcasting it!

The most asked question I get from my clients is this: “How can I hear my Guides more clearly so I can better work with them?” and almost without fail these past two weeks the answer has been “Write us a letter. And then we’ll answer.”

What do they mean by that?

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve kept journals since I was ten. When I’ve gone back to look through them from time to time, I noticed my habit of writing letters to myself and then answering them back. You know, like, “Dear Lisa: What the heck is going on with my boyfriend? I have no idea. Can you help?” and then I’d write an answer back “Dear Lisa, let’s talk about what you need to know in this situation…” and so on.

Once I became familiar with the “voice” of my Guides, I realized it was always them speaking to me through these “letters”. And that astounded me because I just had no idea that’s what was going on. I didn’t even know about Guides in Spirit. It just came naturally to me.

So, that’s what the Guides have been suggesting all week for my clients. Writing them letters.

But the other night, one person’s Guides made it even easier for them to connect. My client said she tried writing them as we talked about but couldn’t be sure that what she was writing as a response wasn’t something she made up out of her head.

That bit of doubt creeps in to EVERYONE so she wasn’t alone at all. When you start, it’s hard to know if you’re just making it up or if you are really bringing through guidance. Like anything worthwhile, it takes practice to discern the different voice and vibration.

Her Guides told her to start off easy – pretend you’re writing a letter to your Grandmother. Something like “Hi Grandma, how are you? I’m fine, I’ve been having a lot of fun taking a new class and hanging out with some friends that also go to that class. We learn a lot of stuff and it’s cool.” Blah blah blah. Easy and bland, right?

Why would you do this if you had a pipeline to your Guides? Why wouldn’t you start off with “Tell me my soul mission here on earth and what about that new guy I met, is he THE ONE?”

Attachment. You have a lot riding on knowing your soul mission, right? You probably have a lot riding on whether or not Mr. new Guy is “THE ONE” for you. Loaded with expectation and attachment. So, if your Guides answered and said “Your mission here is to be a shining star for those who cannot see the light and it doesn’t matter much HOW you do it but THAT you do it. And oh, by the way, Mr. Man is a great candidate for THE ONE for you.” you’d be all “Well, that’s what I WANTED to hear so it can’t be true.”

RIGHT? Yeah, you know I am.

So, don’t start there because you don’t have the foundation of trust built up yet and so that guidance will be meaningless and cause you doubt.

Start with things that don’t overly matter. Just chat with your Guides. The exercise is meant really for you to learn to tell the difference between YOUR voice and that of your Guide team. At this point, don’t go seeking answers to really big questions because you’ve not built that core of trust.

Once you have done that, then it gets easier to know what you’re pulling out of your butt vs. what is true guidance from your team. You learn what feels true and what doesn’t.

In my experience, their voice is never, ever not once ever judgmental. Never. If you sit down to write your guides and you get back a rehash of all the things you’ve messed up, that ain’t your Guides. that’s your ego self babbling away just because it can.

You’ll be able to tell the difference in tone, in vibration and in essence without a whole lot of effort but you do have to get in there and practice it.

Just start – anywhere – and keep writing. It doesn’t matter if it feels weird or what comes out at this point. Your goal is to establish the flow of communication. When you have that part down and you feel what comes through resonates in a deeper way, THEN you can start asking the bigger questions. You’ll be able to trust the answers that you get because you’ve built that foundation bit by bit.

And, in time, you’ll find that the voice of your Guides blends much more easily with that of your own higher self so there’s no more need to know what info comes from where. It comes. And you act. That’s it. Really.

So, start small and say hi to your Guides. Tell them about your day. Tell them what scares you. Tell them what makes you happy. Just tell them.

Then listen.

And then…trust.

It’s that easy. For reals.

If you would like some support on your path to truly listening and trusting or maybe you just need someone to see your blind spots and help you step out of them, contact me. I hear your Guides so clearly and make it easy for you to take action. Come work with me and see how your life can change for the better.

That’s it for this week – I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments over on the Practically Intuitive Facebook page or on this post at my website.

Enjoy your week – this is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com. Bye for now.