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When is the right time for you to understand your path and purpose?  In today’s podcast, I talk about how we all find that on-ramp when we are ready to step into it and not one minute before.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #32: How do I get there from here?

Hi and welcome to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com – thanks for listening in.

Today’s topic comes from a couple sessions I did this week where my client wanted to know how to even start getting on the path of their soul work. They could see and feel the essence of it but couldn’t quite envision the on-ramp to that work.

I think that’s often the way things are meant to be when seeking your soul’s work here on Earth. If we could see the entire vision when we were seven, for example, it wouldn’t have a whole lot of meaning. Sure, there are people who lean toward certain things when they are young and then bring it to fruition.

My cousin’s son was glued to the weather channel starting at age 4 and now he’s a scientist at NASA studying, among other things, weather patterns and the use of rainfall to mitigate nuclear radiation. Yeah, his 4 year old self knew the plan but it was up to his adult self to direct how it would play out.

Others among us (myself included) meandered their way onto their path bit by bit by bit. I was a voracious reader early on and excelled in writing but lots of fields can use those skills, right? When I took a psychology class in my senior year of high school, I knew I had found my “home” – I loved to know why people made the choices they did. My husband jokes that on my tombstone it will say “Here lies Lisa always wondering “what’s that about?” – I really am that curious.

So, I shifted to following my dream of being a therapist and majored in psych in college. However, there was this thing called grad school that I didn’t overly care for so I feel into a job as a receptionist at a financial services firm – a field I’m in to this day. True, I did use my counseling skills to pull stock brokers in off the ledge when the market would occasionally take a dive but it’s not the same.

Long story short, I had no idea I’d end up where I am today – doing the work of my soul as a spiritual teacher.

What I do did, though, is follow the steps in front of me. I took class after class after class, got my Reiki Master and Healing Touch certifications, and even spent time in a seminary thinking I’d be ordained and work in hospice care, assisting those transitioning to the other side.

In retrospect, I see how all those classes and workshops and experiential training prepared me to do this work. I had no idea that I could bring through guides and teachers with such clarity. When I was ready for it, those skills came shining through.

And so it may be with your path and purpose. When IS the right time for you to understand what that is? When you are ready to take the steps that lead you to it. Even if all you do is announce to the Universe that you’re willing to look at what your path might be, that’s enough for things to start flowing your way.

When I was in my early 30s, I remember being in a store that carried all kinds of nifty new-age stuff – angel cards, meditation cds and the like. I distinctly and clearly remember this thought: “I know I belong here. I’m not sure how and I’m not sure why, but I belong here.”

That was a message from my higher self. I knew it then (even if I didn’t know where it was coming from) and I can even more clearly see it now. Pay attention to things like that. Little nudges, thoughts, and ideas that give you a tiny piece of the puzzle.

When you’re ready for a bigger piece, you can ask for it and it will be done. Your work is in asking, receiving the answer and then acting on it. I’m proof that the more you follow those nudges, the more they lead you in the right direction.

Seeking your soul purpose can be a joyful experience. And it can come through in many ways. I’m sure I would have done just as well as a minister in hospice care. And who knows? Maybe that was a small screen shot of something yet to come.

Be open. Be willing. Be ready because when you ask for it, you can bet on it showing up. Might not be in a way you expect but that’s the fun of it.

Thanks for listening and if you have any questions about this topic, please join me over on my Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you.

This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com – see you next week!