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Inspired by “Tapping the Well Within: Writing from your source of effortless creativity, deep wisdom and utter joy” by Alix Moore, today’s podcast takes a look at validation versus acknowledgment and how not to give away your power.

Sometimes, it takes putting on these “High Priestess” shoes for me to walk in that power.
 (I don’t go too far, though. I’m afraid of falling off them in public!)

What’s your way of holding on to your center when you’re nudged out? (You can borrow my shoes if you want!)

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #31: Holding on to your personal power

Hi everyone and welcome back to the weekly Practically Intuitive Podcast. I’m Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com and I’m glad you’re spending some time with me today.

Today’s topic comes from a book I’m reading to review for Pathways Magazine. It’s called “Tapping the Well Within: Writing from your source of Effortless Creativity, Deep Wisdom and Utter Joy” by Alix Moore. And It’s also one that I’m being called to look at in my own life right now. The Universe is timely that way!

I wish I could read you the whole section on this topic from the book but I’m excerpt the most salient point here:

“The energetic opposite of validation is acknowledgement. When I ask for my work to be validated by others, I give them power over me: the power and permission to judge me. On the other hand, when I acknowledge to myself the value that my work has – that is, validate myself – I keep my power.”

When I was first stepping into energy work about ten years ago, I listened to a lot of Wayne Dyer’s lectures and his work has had a profound influence on my personal growth. One of the things I remember (and which Alix quotes in this section) is his guidance to “strive to be independent of the good opinion of others” – meaning, essentially, regardless of what others think of what you’re doing (positive or negative), separate yourself from it. Because then you hold on to your own personal power.

There are places in my life where I am fully and completely in my own centered energy, needing no validation from anyone else. Doing the work of my soul, for example. When I’m in a session with my client, I am fully present, bringing all the skills I have to that space of healing.

And then there are places where I allow myself to be open to opinions from others. Not just the “good opinion of others” but the crap opinion of others as well. In fact, I wonder if I’m not more comfortable there than standing in my power. Because stepping forward, making your voice known, is scary! I admit it.

I’m a peacemaker at heart – I don’t like shouty, loud people. And I have learned to step out of my own power for the sake of keeping the peace. Maybe you have too?

So, how do you keep your personal power and not allow the opinions of others to hold sway over what you do?

Little by little by little. At least that’s how I’ve had to do it. In each situation where I’m faced with a choice – making my voice heard vs. shrinking back for the sake of keeping the peace, for example – I step forward a bit. It’s hard. I won’t lie. And it really shoves me out of my comfort zone.

But if I am to move into a place where I rely on my inner knowing in all facets of my life (not just the places where it’s easy and comfortable) then I have to do this work.

Don’t laugh but I have a friend who has long called me the “high priestess of the woo-woo” and for some reason, I love that nickname. Especially the High Priestess part. When I get in situations where I feel so very vulnerable, I ask myself “What would a High Priestess do?” and then I do that. Uncomfortable as it is, I do it. That’s how I work through my habit of giving away power. Because you just know High Priestesses don’t do that, right??

Where in your life are you handing over your worth to another? And Where do you hold it tight, knowing that no one can touch it?

This is an area where an intuitive reading and some follow-up work can be really helpful. Bringing into consciousness places where you are giving up your power and looking at ways to take it back, you start the shift that creates change. Every little step moves you closer to where you want to be. It doesn’t have to be a leap. Baby steps are good too!

That’s all for this week – come hang out with me on my Facebook page or over on PracticallyIntuitive.com. And if you’re lucky, I’ll even show you a picture of my High Priestess shoes! They’re pretty awesome (and no, I don’t wear them in public lest I fall off of them and break a hip or something!) but my cats sure dig them!

Have a lovely week – this is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com. Bye for now.