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In today’s podcast, I ponder why someone would get a reading and what they can expect from it – well, at least what they can expect when they get a reading with me! (Beware: I’m on a soapbox on this one!)

And I announce details of my newest class for those intuitives who want to learn how to give professional level readings coming in March.

Lots to talk about this week!

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from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Podcast #30: Intuitive Readings – What’s the point?

Hi everyone and welcome back to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com – thanks for listening in.

Let me just tease you a bit with a new class I’ll be offering in March – if you’ve ever thought you’d like to do intutive readings for others but are not sure how to do that or where the heck to start, this one is for you. I’ll be offering an eight week program that will not only teach you how to do those readings at a professional level, but help you find your own way of doing it. It will be limited to six people who will work together over the two month period, supporting each other and growing their skills. At the end of it, you’ll be confident in what you get and ready to take your skills out into the world. Whether you want to do it professionally or just as a way to be of service to others, you’ll know where your guidance is coming from and how to help people put that guidance into action. (Can you tell I’m excited about it?? I can’t wait to get this going!)

Look for more information and a free Q&A call to talk more about it.

And all that leads me to today’s topic: What is the point of getting an intuitive reading? Why would someone seek that out and what can they hope to come away with?

Several years ago, I did a Spirit Guide reading as a gift for a friend. I spent hours and hours talking with her guides to get their names, how they worked with her, and anything else that came through. I typed it all up (about 15 pages worth) and made it all into a pretty presentation. I gave it to her and several days later she came back to me saying “This is lovely, thank you so much. Now, what do I do with it?” and it really made me stop to think – Yeah! What DO you do with that? How would all that information help her with things going on in her life?

And out of that one question she asked me, Practically Intuitive was born. I wanted to bring through guidance that could help people resolve issues in their life or illuminate the next step. What good is it knowing your Guide’s name is Malcolm and he reaches you by touching the tip of your nose? How does that help you figure out what’s the best road to take on your journey?

It doesn’t.

I have had many a reading in my day. In fact, I was quite the afficianado of intuitive readings – if it looked cool, I’d try it. And I have to tell you, I spent quite a few dollars on readings that were of little to no help to me at all. I will never get another reading at a psychic fair, for example. And not because the practitioners weren’t decent readers but because I cannot take in and process information in that atmosphere. I know that about myself.

I’ve had readings that told me what star seed planet I’m from without giving me any information about what that means to me here and now. Or readings that talked about what I’ve done in other lifetimes…how does that help me now? The information may be useful but it was left to me to interpret and figure out what to do about it. That’s like a doctor going “Yep, you’ve had a heart attack. Good luck to you!” and leaving you to find out more. That’s not what I’m paying the doctor for and it’s not what you pay for when you engage an intuitive reader.

When I started doing intuitive readings for others, it was with the very clear intent that the information I brought through, whether from Guides, through the Akashic records or whatever – had to be applicable to every day life here on earth. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I consider what I do very sacred work. Sure, in these podcasts and even in readings with me on the phone, I show my dorky, goofy side. Because there’s no reason it all has to be so solemn. But I do take the fact that those who engage me for a reading allow me access to their soul very seriously. And I treat it that way, working to help move them a few steps more down their path.

People come for readings to bring to light things they may not be able to see. They know something isn’t quite working but can’t figure out what it is. I’m able to hear their Guides so well that I make getting the messages, the cues and the guidance really easy. Not only that, but I’ll make sure they come away from our work with steps and guidance to create some movement.

Intuitive readings and working with practitioners who do energetic work is an investment in yourself. It’s your way of saying to the Universe “I’m open and ready to do the work I’ve been called to do.”

Make sure your investment is one that pays dividends – seek out an intuitive who understands that it’s not just pretty words from far away Guides but validation, support and most of all, things you can put into action to continue the work.

I know I’m a bit militant but that just shows you how strongly I feel about it as a practitioner. And for those I train to do this work, that will be my focus as well. The information you bring through has got to have some application to the person you’re reading for or you’ve wasted your time and theirs.

Whew! Okay, I’ll get down off my high horse here. But this is an important topic and one I’ll probably talk about in future posts or podcasts.

Please feel free to comment on this podcast either at the Practically Intuitive Facebook page or on the post for this podcast itself. I’d love to hear what you think makes for a good intuitive reading and what experiences (good and bad) you’ve had in the past.

That’s all for this podcast – enjoy your week and I’ll see you next time! This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com, bye for now.