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Today’s topic comes from Practically Intuitive reader Nick at Spiritualredux.com who asked how do we have faith in what the Divine throws at us?

As usual, I have a true-life example of holding the faith even when I was bathing in my own self-created chaos.

(Here’s a hint: we are all “the Divine” along with our team of Guides and teachers. Once you get it’s really YOU throwing stuff at yourself, it begins to make more sense.)

Listen in and see what I mean!

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi and welcome to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com – your one stop shop for all things intuitive and practical!

We’ve still got a few spots left for the January two session special. I’ve talked with some really neat people this month and am loving doing the work with you all. If you’re interested in jumping in, see the details on the post for this podcast.

Today’s topic was a suggestion from Nick at SpiritualRedux.com. He asked how to have faith in what the divine throws your way. That’s a great question because you know and I know that the Universe can have an interesting (shall we say) sense of humor and toss all manner of things at us when we least want or expect them. How do you trust that what shows up is for your highest good?

First, let’s start with the very radical premise that you create what shows up for you. Good or bad or in-between, you are responsible for it. Can you accept that you have that power in your life? Can you further accept that you draw to you experiences that help you grow?

If you can wrap your head around that concept then it’s much easier to understand what’s going on when the Divine throws something your way.

And now: Lisa’s real life example #937:

In March of 2011, I was all on fire about leaving my day job and transitioning into this work full time. I had momenturm, things started lining up to show me it was the right time and I was so close to turning in my two-week notice. Then, all hell broke loose at my office, someone left and I had to step in and take on another full time job in addition to what I was already doing. So, instead of leaving one job for my soul work, I had two full time jobs and no time for my soul work.

The day job took every ounce of my energy and I had no time to create classes or do readings – Practically Intuitive almost ground to a halt. I had to step back and look at what was going on. On a mundane level, it was that I had no energy left for this work. But looking at it from a higher perspective, I realized how much it terrified me that I would leave behind a consistent paycheck for doing the work of my soul – trusting that the Universe would support me.

So, I bailed on my soul work. Because I was scared. It wasn’t until September or October that I decided I was not going to put Practically Intuitive on the back burner any longer. And I came back to that work in full force mode.

I take responsibility for drawing a lot of angst and drama to me that didn’t have to be there. Sure, things at my office would still have happened as they did but because I was scared of stepping out on my own, I made it a bigger deal than it really had to be.

How did I manage to have faith that I’d get through it? Because I saw what lined up for me when I was ready. But I still ran away. I really did. I had to acknowledge that and own it before I could give the Universe the Go-Ahead to start things up once more.

And when that door opens again, as I know it will because I’m driving that door-opening train, I will go through, probably a lot more prepared than I was last year.

See, here’s the thing: you work in co-creation with your Guides and Teachers and the Universe at large. You toss out an intention, they lob something back at you. What you do with that is up to you entirely.

I tossed out that I wanted to leave my job, they tossed back at me the one thing my husband said he’d need for him to feel comfortable about our finances. (And let me tell you that it was a specific amount of money that just showed up for me so not something that happens every day.) I could have used that sign as a means to move forward. Instead, it brought up my fears.

So when the divine (who is really you working with Guides, Teacher and your own higher self) tosses something at you, look at where it comes from. Look at the lessons you are being offered and decide how you want to move forward. Consciousness about all this makes a big difference. I knew that I was scared to move forward but I didn’t realize how much I was until I dragged something in that made me make a clear choice: more energy to day job or more energy to Practically Intuitive. I think you know where I landed on that decision!

No matter what shows up, there are lessons to be learned. Whatever path you take (or if you take no path and float through life), there are lessons your soul set up before you became the you you are right now. When the divine tosses stuff your way, remember that the power to shift and change it is right in your own hands. Have faith in your self.

That’s all for this week – thanks for listening. Please add your thoughts and comments over on my Facebook page or on the post for this podcast. Enjoy your week! This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com. Bye for now.