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As soon as I decided on the topic for today’s show, the Monty Python skit from their movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” showed up in my head. I was going to include a clip but decided that those non-MP fans might be a bit put off by it so I’ll just linky linky here.

I’m asking you to bring out your dead – the stuff you need to release from 2011 so that you can move into 2012 without all that dreary baggage. Based on a workshop by Robert Ohotto called “Endings: A conscious inventory and release of last year”, I talk about how important it is to release what no longer serves you but doing so in a conscious and intentional way. Listen in and find out more about it.

Also, get the scoop on my giveaway of Robert’s program and a follow-up 30 minute session to process it – all it takes is a Facebook LIKE on the Practically Intuitive page and a comment on this post. (An $85 value free to one PI listener!)

It ends December 25th at midnight (eastern) and I’ll announce the winner on the next podcast.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi and welcome to the “It’s almost Christmas” podcast! This is Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com – thanks for listening in!

Here at Practically Intuitive world headquarters, we talk about all manner of interesting things related to spiritual growth, healing and ways to use your intuition to improve your life. Now and again we chat about other topics like oh, what your Guides might have to say and why you’d do well to listen, messages from our loved ones on the other side and even ways to shift some big energy to align you with your path and purpose.

This is the last week to take advantage of some nice discounts on sessions for you or someone special in your life. Check out the front page of PracticallyIntuitive.com for all the info. The 30 and 60 minute sessions can be used for anything – an intuitive reading, talking with your guides, even mediumship so don’t be shy! This is your chance to see how powerful this work truly can be.

And speaking of powerful, let’s dive right on in to this week’s topic.


Specifically, what in your life do you need to release so that you can quit dragging it into the energy of the new year?

Robert Ohotto, who you can find at Ohotto.com, has a truly life-changing three part workshop called “Endings: A Conscious Inventory and Release of Last Year” and that’s what really spurred this podcast.

In this recorded workshop, Robert talks about how so many of us have a fear of endings, of death, of releasing what no longer serves us even though it’s a natural cycle of life.

Death really is the letting go of one form so that it can “trans-form” into something else. Too often, though, we just push it away, hang out in the land ‘o denial, or eat our way out of the sadness instead of just letting it go. Whether it’s a friendship that’s run its course, a job that just doesn’t bring joy any longer or something else entirely, acknowledging that it isn’t a fit for where we are right now is scary for lots of us. Myself included. It stirs up feelings and emotions that we’re often not ready to face.

His program provides context around why releasing things is so important in helping you get to your next place and how, when done with consciousness and intention, creates space for new and even more authentic experiences to show up.

As I was thinking about what needs to be released in my own life, I realized that the nice, peaceful day job I had for three years has somehow morphed into my own personal hell this year. It’s stressful, filled with every thing I dislike doing and I’m constantly exhausted from trying to keep up. It’s never going to be what it once was. That makes me sad. I used to enjoy being there.

When I look at what needs to be released from 2011, as I will do following Robert’s rituals, on that list will be my once peaceful office space. It’s not ever going to go back to that and what’s more, I want to move into doing my own intuitive work full time in 2012 so it’s in my best interest to release my strong desire to have those days back again.

So, what does conscious release and death look like? According to Ohotto, it involves a bit of ritual because when done authentically and in connection with your heart, rituals energize any shift in a big, big way.

He walks you through it step by step and there’s even a meditation that takes you through some scenarios that help you figure out what to release.

If I sound like a walking commercial for this set of MP3s, it’s because I believe in the power of what he’s saying and when this process is done all the way through, with intention, heart and consciousness, is unequivocally life-changing.

It really is.

And to put my money where my mouth is, I’m gifting one fabulous Practically Intuitive reader or listener with this program and a free 30 minute follow-up consultation to review the results of that work! That’s an $85 value free for one lucky person!

All you need to do to enter the contest is to LIKE my Facebook page AND leave a comment on the blog post for this podcast. That’s it! (If you’re already a Facebook fan, just leave a comment and you’re money, baby!)

Next week, I’ll be announcing a two-session package good for January only.

In these sessions, we’ll work with what you want to let go so you can step into 2012 without dragging your dead around with you! All the help and support you need to do that is right on the other end of the telephone line!

I invite you to check out Robert Ohotto’s workshop priced within anyone’s reach at $25.

I listen to a lot of classes and workshops so trust me when I tell you this one is amazing! But YOU have to do the work – he can only provide the process.

Remember – action in the physical is what makes things happen. Let’s bring out our dead together and start 2012 off nice and clean and shiny with room for wonderful things to happen!

Thank you for listening, it’s truly my pleasure to share this with you. My cats thank you too because they’ve pretty much heard it all and are happy I have an audience now!

I wish each of you blessings beyond measure during this holiday season. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Have a lovely, spirit filled week! Bye for now.