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There’s a lot more to the Law of Attraction than sitting in a quiet state wishing for things you don’t have.

In today’s podcast I tell you the secret that no one knows! (Well, almost no one!)

Listen in and find out what else you need to do to bring that dream job or new partner right to your doorstep!

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi everyone, and welcome to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa from PracticallyIntuitive.com. Thanks for joining me here where I talk about things intuitive, spiritual, and woo-woo with a big emphasis on making it practical and useful for you.

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Today’s topic is wishful thinking and why it’s not enough to bring you the things you want. I think it’s probably obvious that thinking your way to happiness isn’t the full picture. Teachers of the Law of Attraction might tell you otherwise, I’m sure, but what I’ve seen and experienced tells me there’s more to it than just sitting in a meditative state wishing for a new job or the home of your dreams.

What’s the other piece of it that isn’t talked about as much? Action. Taking action is the missing link to Law of Attraction work and bringing down into the physical those things dancing in your head.

I learned this from a course I took on Manifesting Money from Andrea Hess. There are several key pieces to it which I’ll talk about another time but what I took away from the course is that it’s just not enough to envision your dreams. You must do some action down here in the physical because that’s the only place things exist – in the physical.

Andrea focused on manifesting money in the course but really you can use the concept to attract anything – that job, or even a new partner – it’s the underlying principle that matters.

When you want to make some shifts and changes in your life, you’ve got to have an intention, yes? Then you need some actions that embody the energy of that intention. There’s strategic action and linear action – so, two kinds we have to work on.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say that you want to change your job to something more satisfying to you. You’re not sure where to look or even how to start. All you know is that you want to feel more fulfilled and aligned to your purpose. Good. Let’s start there.

How does it feel to be aligned to your purpose? Maybe the word “freedom” comes to mind. You’d like to be free to do what you want.

Perfect. Let’s link our ideal job with the word freedom, okay? Ideal job = freedom, we say.

Now, let’s think of some things we can do in the physical that make us feel free. Here’s an example from my own life: we have a walking path near our house and I often see people roller blading down it. They look so happy and free. I think it must be a great feeling to just skate along, feeling the air and moving your body. To me, that totally embodies the word freedom. For you, it might be going to a playground and swinging high and fast on the swings. Or taking a drive in your car with no kids to taxi around – time where you can just sing your favorite songs as loud as you want.

This is called strategic action. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense in helping you get to your goal, does it? Well, not on the surface! But here’s the kicker: if you’ve stated that your ideal job = freedom (that’s the intention), and you take action in your life that allows that sense of freedom to come through, Law of Attraction says that your ideal job can flow much more easily to you. Why? Because you are embodying that very state that you’ve set up to equal a job more aligned to your purpose.

Now, I hear you saying “Lisa, if my ideal job would appear just because I went down to the local playground and goofed off on the swings, I’d be shocked.”

That’s where linear action comes in. Along with the strategic action of doing things that embody the energy of freedom, you need to take some good old-fashioned linear action: keeping your eyes and ears open to new opportunities, checking out monster.com, networking – all those things that you normally do. That new job probably won’t just appear out of thin air – you do have to create some physical action that makes clear you are open to what shows up and further, you are actively seeking it out!

Putting both strategic AND linear ACTION into place allows that Law of Attraction to bring you much more easily those things you desire.

You can’t wish your way to a new job. But you can create an intention and take action on two different levels to bring it to you easier than ever before.

Action, action, action – things manifest in the physical so action around your intention MUST also happen in the physical. There’s no two ways about it.

One of my intentions for early 2012 is to create a study group around this concept so that we can help each other create action around those intentions. There is a bit more to this whole concept than just linear and strategic action and I’d love to help you pull all the pieces together. Look for more information on this coming out in early January.

Thanks for listening in – please always feel free to contact me with your thoughts and questions about this topic or anything else. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive.com – have a wonderful week. Bye for now.