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By Lisa Wechtenhiser

Lauren and me 2005

I do! I hear angels and guides, why not dead people, right?

In this week’s podcast, I share a bit about what it’s like to communicate with those who have crossed over and why conversations with them often bring peace and comfort. My goddaughter, Lauren (pictured above), was a catalyst in bringing out in full force my abilities as a medium. My relationship with her after she transitioned has convinced me that there is so much more than we can even imagine.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi and welcome to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcasts!

I’m Lisa and you can find me at PracticallyIntuitive.com, where I take a look at intuition and how you can bring it even more fully into your life. I also talk about other things such as healing cords of attachment, co-creating with your Guides and Teachers in spirit and even communicating with those loved ones who have crossed over.

And that’s my topic for this week: talking with the dead. Appropriate for Halloween , isn’t it?

Now, I haven’t always been able to hear the deceased like I have guides in spirit. But when I attuned my inner hearing better, I began picking things up for others. It started very clearly for me when I gave Reiki sessions for people. The Reiki energy is a beautiful frequency and through that vibration, I was able to pick up in great detail messages for those who were on my table during a session.

These messages were always loving and brought great comfort to my clients and I was overjoyed to be the messenger for them. I started watching Lisa Williams, a medium who had a television show, and would match what I was getting with what she got and it was almost always on the mark. But more than accuracy, which I do, of course, care about, was the compassion she provided, the closure, the peace that others were able to get after having spoken with their loved ones. I considered offering sessions doing just that and spoke with my Guide team about it. They said that it’s one of my gifts and that I could bring it out if so called.

Well, I’ve gotten the call. And I’ll now be offering these sessions to my clients. But more about that later.

If you’ve read the “about me” part of my site, you know that my 19 year old goddaughter Lauren passed away in 2006 from cancer. And though I’ve not had a child of my own in this lifetime, Lauren was as close as I’d ever get to it. She was my friend, my joy, and one of the greatest blessings in my life. Losing her, even though I knew it was coming, was devastating. The grief was so intense – I’d sit and stare out the window for hours at a time, numb to everything but my pain. I can only begin to wrap my head around the pain her parents felt as they walked the path with her – and alone after she was gone. If my grief was this great, what must the depths of theirs be?

The only thing that helped me heal was my exquisite faith that she was not really gone and that we’d see each other again. And this was confirmed for me when she began to show up in so many ways that there was just no denying it. It happened with her mother as well. We’d compare Lauren sightings all the time. Through my contact with her in the afterworld, I began to understand much more of what happens when we pass over and how true it is that our loved ones are around us all the time. We just have to know how to tune in.

And that’s what I can do – I can adjust the switch on my inner radio dial and connect with loved ones on the other side. As I’ve mentioned, it most often happens to me in the bathroom. I don’t know why, but my aunt came to say goodbye to me there before she left the earth plane, a co-worker’s mother who had recently passed began dictating a message to me in the bathroom (and I had to ask her to wait until I was near a pen and paper). It happens a lot. I think I read that there’s something about the water frequency that makes it easy for those in spirit to connect.

The messages that come through are so loving and offer so much comfort. After my mom died, I was telling people at the funeral home that I think she loved my husband more than me because he was so very attentive to her all the time and I had sorta fallen down on that often. After the funeral, my friend Regina, a clairvoyant, (who was, by the way NOT at the funeral home) came up to me and said she had a message from my mom saying, “I love you best.” She relayed. So yes, they hear us, all the time. You don’t have to do anything special for them to hear you. No special chants, incantations, lighting of candles are needed. Just speak from your heart, wherever you are and know you are heard.

If you have issues that you’d like closure on or just want to connect with your loved ones, I’d welcome the opportunity to be of service. Never be afraid of what comes through – there is only love from that side and peace.

We get so much support from those who have lived through the pain and grief and it really speeds up the healing process. I promise a safe place where you can share your thoughts and feelings. In a session, I offer a very safe and loving place to connect with those you wish to contact and heal what is in your heart.

Yes, I still get very teary-eyed when I think of my goddaughter, Lauren, but I know, without question, that this is not all there is and so much more awaits us on the other side.

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