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Have you been hit by the Universe’s baseball bat when you won’t take care of something in your life?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to get the nudges before they become cracks to your head. Much easier (and less painful!) that way, yes?

In today’s podcast, I talk more about this and share an experience in my own life where I didn’t pay attention soon enough and got “the bat”.

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Is your own blind side getting in the way? Perhaps I can help you find some clarity.

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Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Hi everyone and welcome to the Practically Intuitive podcast – I’m Lisa from Practically Intuitive, and this is my weekly platform to discuss lots of things related to using your intuition in all facets of your life.

So, yeah. Am I gonna have to slug you in the head with a baseball bat? That would hurt, don’t you think?

(I hear you all saying “Lisa, what are you blathering about??”)

I am talking about learning the lessons that come to you throughout your life. Some big ones, lots of small ones, some you didn’t plan, lots you did. All lessons.

And the Universe has many ways of respecting our free will to accept those lessons (or not, as the case may be). It offers a nudge, a reminder, clues and a whole bunch of other little ways for us to see the issue at hand. Most times, these are pretty gentle.

What if, though, you don’t see what’s going on? What if you see but don’t act? What then? well, that’s when the Universe’s baseball bat comes out. A metaphorical one, of course, but it can hurt just the same.

Wouldn’t you rather get your lessons as nudges rather than a bat to the back of the head? I know I would and while I like to think I’m pretty conscious about things, I, too have my blind side. I’ve been hit with the bat a couple times in my life and one of those times is going on right now. It’s regarding a situation at my day job that I’ve known was brewing but for some reason, I thought I could handle it all. Sure, I can do two jobs, right?

Yeah, no, not so much. The baseball bat to the head was a couple weeks of drama and tension and unhappiness until I finally accepted the reality of the situation. Looking back, I see the nudges I was given, I see the excuses I made and I now see how I have gotten to the point where quitting that job is a very real option if I want to keep my mind/body/spirit intact.

One of the most important ways you can make your life a lot easier is to watch for the nudges, watch for the clues about these lessons. Then, DO SOMETHING based on that knowledge. Ignoring it because you don’t want to see it or deal with it puts you on the road to “Bat to the head” avenue.

Using my own situation, let me show you some places where I could have acted but chose not to thus setting me up for the bat:

Part of my persona at work was “the one who could help or fix everything for you” and while I liked being that person most of the time, I was unable to separate out what I could reasonably do with what was too much for me to take on.

Now, having realized that, I could have spoken up to my boss and said “I can do this and this but not that,” and let someone else step up. That would have been a good way to avoid the bat to the head.

Instead, I chose to get all martyr-like about it and just take on the work of two people while seething inside. Hoping that someone would see what was going on and magically take it out of my hands, I struggled through day after day.

Not quite bat time but clearly me not paying attention – it was staying in my comfort zone (by being the martyr – and thanks mom for all the training in that skill!) by being the one who can do it all.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it suddenly dawns on me that I come home every night with a head on overload. Mostly, I sit and stare at a wall or surf the net randomly. I’ve lost my creativity, my joy for doing this intuitive work and my zest for life.

That’s okay, I think. Things will get better – someone will realize what’s going on and help me, right?

Another week goes by, the co-worker who wasn’t doing well is moved to another office. All his work, his full-time work, gets dumped on me now along with my other full-time duties. I go into the bathroom at work and cry.

Surely someone will realize this and come save me, won’t they?

End of the week – still staring at the wall, still not finding my joy and realizing I’m in deeper than I had ever, ever planned to be. Life as I know it sucks hard.

CRACK! That was the sound of the bat. I realized I had let myself get into this mess all along. No one was coming to save me. No one. I am the only one who can save myself.

This realization caused a wee breakdown but out of that came some big clarity. I have to lay down some boundaries now – such as handling one job or the other but not both – if I am ever to have my soul back. Doing this work with practically intuitive feeds my soul and if I’m not doing that work, then I’ve lost my biggest source of joy. The prospect of losing that and all the work I’ve put into it because I won’t speak up really hit me hard.

And it moved me into action. I’ve asked the Universe to show me all possible options for my next move whether that’s looking for a new job, speaking up at the old one and saying what I can and cannot do, even if it feels like letting everyone down, or some other thing yet to be determined.

It took me facing the loss of all I love and have worked for to prod me out of my “I can do everything “ box and I’m glad. I wish I had caught it sooner and made my voice heard at work but that’s okay. I got it just in time.

What is going on in your own life that you are tolerating? Will it take a bat to your head to get you to change direction? Or is there some smaller nudge that might do the same thing?

The lessons are the same whether you are getting a gentle nudge or a thwack of the bat. Really. So get it while it’s still gentle, okay?

Thanks for listening – this is Lisa from Practically Intuitive. Have a lovely week! Bye for now.

Is your own blind side getting in the way? Perhaps I can help you find some clarity. You can schedule an Intuitive Reading with me and get some insight from your Spirit Guides and me.