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Today’s podcast comes from a question asked by my good friend Anni – she wanted to further understand the difference between Guides in Spirit and Guardian Angels. Yep, there is a difference – see what it is and how you can work with them both!

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Podcast Transcript

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Hi everyone and welcome to the weekly Practically Intuitive podcast. I’m Lisa and I’m your host as we talk about matters intuitive, energetic, spiritual and lots of other things with a focus on making the information practical and useful for you.

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Today’s topic comes from my good friend Anni via an email she sent me. Anni asks: “I’d love to learn the difference between guides and angels again. I thought they were one and the same and now know they’re not, incarnation-wise. Though, I’m still not sure about the angels part and when do we ask for them vs the guides. Is there a whole team of guardian angels and do they solely serve one person, just like the guides?”

Good questions, because there is a difference – mostly in the vibration between guides and Angels. Here is my understanding of it and let me add that it is only my understanding – not written in stone. If something different resonates with you, go with that. It’s all about what feels true for you.

And while I’m clarifying, let me add that when I say a difference in vibration, that means the amount of energy they hold and work with. As an example, when I do my cord cutting work, I call in Archangel Michael and a divine being because they hold extremely high vibrations and can effect change on a level we cannot begin to understand. It’s like the difference between a 40 watt bulb and a 150 watt bulb. Both give light but with one you can see much more clearly, right? That’s what I mean by vibration.

Okay so, on to answer Anni’s question: as I understand it, Guides have incarnated many times in the physical plane. They know what the challenges of being in a physical body are and how to navigate that terrain. Think of them as your expert guides on a journey – ones who have traversed the route well enough to assist others in doing that. They know the pitfalls, what to avoid and usually the easiest paths.

We choose a team of Guides before we incarnate (yes, we choose them, not the other way around) based on what we want as our life purpose and lessons. Each person has anywhere between 4-6 guides and special assignment guides can come in and work with you on particular projects. I have a guide named Charles who works with me on my business plans. He doesn’t chat with me about my weight issues or my love life – his guidance is only for building my intuitive practice. It’s direct, grounded and focused. He’s separate from my other team of Guides and he makes his distinct voice known.

Angels, on the other hand, are higher in vibration and have never incarnated in a physical body. In the hierarchy of things, they are above guides and below archangels and ascended masters. Yes, we all do have a Guardian Angel, that is true. The main work of this angel is to keep you safe until such time as your soul chooses to leave the earth plane. They also help inspire both you and your Guides to help keep on track with your life purpose.

Can you connect with your Guardian Angel the same way you do with your guide team? Yep, of course you can. Remember, the key is intent. Set your intention to communicate with your guardian angel and it is done. It really is that easy. You don’t need to possess any special skill – just the willingness to be open to their guidance. They’ll find a way to get it to you.

I work predominantly with my Spirit Guide team on a day-to-day basis. I have long felt the hand of my Guardian Angel (my very first baby doll was named Angel, in fact, and when I asked my mom who named her, she replied “You did” so I know she’s been hanging with me a long time). I’ll periodically talk to her but mostly, I just thank her for blessings and guidance. Now, you could be the other way ‘round. Maybe your Guardian Angel is your predominant source for guidance. That’s cool – whatever works for you. There is no one right way here. It’s all about how you use it and whether it is serving you for your highest good.

If you can’t feel the presence of your guides or your Angels, let’s talk in a session and see if we can’t help get that channel open and clear for you. I’m willing to bet that you do get lots of guidance but it comes in a way you don’t expect and so you don’t count it as such.

As I said last week, why drive the car alone when there’s a GPS, a map and some buddies to go with you? Take advantage of your guide team and your guardian angel – they’re here for you.

That’s all for this week – if you have any questions about this subject or anything this podcast has brought to light for you, please leave them in the comment box on this post. I’m happy to answer and I’m also happy to have lots of fellow intuitives and lightworkers in my listening audience who can share their knowledge and experience with you.

Have a great week and I’ll talk to you next time. This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive – bye for now.

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