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This week, my Guides and Teachers took this opportunity to come through (right at podcast time, too! What a coincidence, eh?? heh) and share some wisdom with you. This is the first time the Guides have joined me in a podcast – I think it turned out pretty well!

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The review of “Trust What You Get” is over at Patricia’s site: Patricia’s Wisdom.

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Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. Happy Monday!

Podcast Transcript

from Practically Intuitive Podcasts

Welcome Welcome Welcome! This is Lisa from Practically Intuitive and this is my podcast where I chat about things intuitive and practical.

Don’t forget that my E-book “Trust What You Get” is on sale all this month for more than half off. Patricia, of Patricia’s Wisdom won the ebook in a contest last month and did a thorough review of it on her site. If you’re wondering how it can help you, check the link out. I’ll put it on the post with this podcast.

She said “This book does what it proposed to do and with humor and interesting examples and stories. I liked that the book was not 300 pages and much more plain spoken. I think the author must have a twinkle in her eye at all times and certainly a welcoming smile. I trust what she has to say.”

Yes, I’m pretty twinkly, I’d like to think! Thanks, Patricia for the kind review.

So, what shall we talk about today? I’ve got about thirty topics dancing in my head but I’m getting the nudge to toss it out to my Guides and Teachers who wish to come through with some advice and suggestions for those who want to bring their intuitive skills more into their life in a real kind of way.

As you may know, I am quite adept at hearing Guides and Teachers (yours and my own) as if they were speaking to me. When they speak, it’s as one unified voice unless they are called upon to come out individually. Sometimes they sound formal, sometimes goofy but always with wisdom to share and guidance to act upon.

Note that these are my own Guides and Teachers speaking. Your team may connect to you in very different ways – perhaps through a knowing, or a feeling or a picture in your mind’s eye. It’s all good. Whatever works, right?

Okay, let’s chat with my Guides:

“Thank you Lisa for the introduction. Your audience is pretty well aware of the work we do with them and a good many of those listening now are able to communicate with their team easily.

For those that cannot, let us say we are all closer than you think and our guidance comes through in ways you might not even be aware of. It is the intention – yours, specifically, to work with us that allows that channel to be strong and clear. If you are in the group who cannot yet hear/see/feel your own guides, we suggest clarifying your intent to do so and look for ways that guidance comes though for you.

If you are already in contact with your guides, know that intention can help you as well. Choose to take it to a different level and use that connection in every possible circumstance you can. While you might not act on the guidance that comes through, it reminds you that many options exist each with their own lessons and karma.

Do not allow yourselves to be boxed into thinking that guidance comes in just one way or that you cannot hear it at all. If the intent to connect is there, we use whatever means necessary to do so including songs, cards, words from others not directly meant for you – we have much at our disposal to do this so you see it is not impossible to receive the guidance but you have to be willing to accept it. Mind you, accepting is not agreement – you are always free to choose other actions. But to be wiling to hear it, and allow it into your menu of options helps open the door for greater intuition.

We know that it is difficult to go on such blind faith that you WILL receive guidance. Everyone seems to want irrefutable truths and that we cannot provide because how things turn out all depend on the choices you make and the actions you take down there in the physical. Guidance does not come with guarantees any more than a clean bill of health signifies you’ll never get sick.

However, we can tell you that when you are open and available to the wisdom your higher self offers and that which comes from us, you will no longer need to search “out there” for your validation. It comes from within and that you can trust. Your higher self has the road map. Why drive down a street blindfolded when you have a co-pilot and a road map? Not to mention those of us hanging out with you who can see even further than the map shows? That’s a lot of support and assistance all there for you. Accept it, use it and watch the ways in which your life changes.

Thank you for listening. We continue to send you love and blessings from this side and are with you in all circumstances.”


You know, I never have a sense of what they will say when they ask to come through and speak. But it always ends up making sense to me and helps with a bit more of the puzzle.

I hope it was helpful to you – and if you want to know what specific words your Guides have for you, I’d love to help you hear them even more clearly in my Intuitive / Spirit Guide Reading sessions. Contact me check out the site under Readings & Healings to see what might be a fit for you.

Just a quick update for those who listened last week – I am down 6 pounds by changing my food choices entirely and it’s been so amazingly easy. When I asked my Guides what was different this time they said “You asked for help. So we helped!” I was very clear in my intention with them and asked my spirit for strength when I was faced with difficult situations and every single time, it showed up. I continue to be astonished at what happens when you ask with a true and sincere heart for help.

Thank you for listening and don’t forget you can subscribe on iTunes and have these automatically podcasts update automatically for you.

As always, this is Lisa from Practically Intuitive wishing you a wonderful week. Bye for now!

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