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For the past few days I’ve been listening to Andrea Hess’s program called “Ignite your Intuition” which I got as a free bonus for signing up for her new course titled “Channel Your Truth” and was inspired to write this post.

I love Andrea’s work – she’s a leader in the field of working with your intuition to bring about change in your every day life and it resonates so strongly with me that I often feel like I’m a sponge – just soaking it all in knowing that she’s walking the path about 10 steps ahead of me but it’s the same path.

And this has what to do with tennis, Lisa?

Oh yeah, tennis.  Right.  Sorry then.

Andrea has said that working with your Guides and intuition is like playing tennis with a wonderful partner.  You serve up a desire or intention and bat the ball over to your Guides.  They, in turn, lob it right back to you in the form of ideas, inspirations, opportunities, etc.

While you can’t always tell which way the ball is going to go (or what form your intention may take), you know that action is required.  And action can really be anything  – from following a nudge to email someone to seeing an opportunity appear and stepping through that doorway or even signing up for a class that really will help you in your work.   But in order to keep that ball going back to your Guides for more assistance, you have to do something.

I thought the tennis analogy was a really good one – all of us have probably played (or in my case, attempted to play) tennis, right?  You know that action is required on both parts to keep the energy and game going.  Same with working with intuition and your Guides.   Putting your intention out to the Universe is only the first step. You have to do your part to keep things moving.

As someone who lives pretty much 100% by her intuition, I can say that the things that flow when I listen are more amazing than I could have imagined.  The times I don’t listen are me just getting in my own way.  Getting out of the way is at least 75% of the battle.  Probably like with almost anything, right?

I’ll be writing more about how to do that in the coming weeks because it’s easy to be confused not only by what to put out there as an intention but how to know when something is lobbed back your way.  Here’s a secret: it often doesn’t come in a linear fashion so you have to learn to read these signs.  Once you get that part down, it’s easy to take action to put that ball back over the net.

Trust me.  I do it every. single. day with the best tennis partners around – my Guides!

If you’d like some one-to-one instruction on how to get started with those actions, contact me!    I’d love to help you  create a plan to play tennis with your own Guides and watch what happens.  (Bring your sneakers, ‘k?)