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I was doing some reading online last night and found my way back to Erin Pavlina (via this article from Slade Roberson). Erin’s a “psychic medium and intuitive counselor who offers intuitive readings when you need some clarity and insight in the areas of career, relationships, health, finances, spiritual connections, and more.” (That’s how I’d describe myself, actually!)

Her most recent blog post had to do with a rather intense dream she had recently and it totally *pinged* me in that way that things do when you know you were meant to see them as well.  It had to do with a conversation with her Higher Self about a puzzle and  seeing how all the pieces fit together.  (It’s a great post – go read it!)  The part that struck me though was this:

The last thing she said to me was, “When you realize that all that is required of you is to be yourself, you will find your life flows easily and steadily. You will merge with the Whole, and your place in the big picture will be revealed. Do not try to be another piece. You are who you are for a very specific reason. Embrace it, use your talent and skill, and show people the unique contribution you make to the Whole.”

Do not try to be another piece.  What wonderful words.  So often we find ourselves trying to live up to someone else’s expectations and before you know it, you’re doing things you don’t even want to do.  Many years ago, I was trying to dissuade my then boyfriend from puffing out his resume with skills he didn’t have.  I kept hearing the words “Just be who you are. It’s enough.” and relayed that sentiment to him.  Looking back, I see that this voice was my own Spirit Guide. ( I recognize it *much* better now. )  The voice of Spirit always encourages us to be the very best we can be.  That doesn’t mean that you should obsess on it but to strive each day to do your very best and be your most authentic self.

In fact, Spirit has something to say about this very topic:

Dear One,

It is true, indeed, that working to be your very best self is not only in your highest and best good but that of your immediate world and really, the world at large. If you only knew how your actions reverberate out into the world, you’d take much more care when making them.  But that is how you learn, is it not? We are peaceful beings and wish only that for you but lessons and growth often come from struggle.  We see that and understand that it must be the case. Our work is to assist you so that the lessons you choose and the tasks you take on make your fit into the puzzle of the whole much easier.  Would you believe us if we told you that life doesn’t have to be so very hard? We wonder sometimes. There are those out in your world who enjoy the struggle because it makes them feel as if they matter. If only they knew that by letting go, sitting back and breathing, they’d see their way through much easier.  Alas, that is the hard part of our work. Watching the struggle.

Remember that it’s only as hard as you yourself make it.  We are with you always.

So, yeah.  It’s hard to believe it doesn’t have to be a struggle all the time, isn’t it? The more I listen to my Guides and work with them, the easier things seem to get for me.

What are your thoughts?