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For those who might have just joined me here on Practically Intuitive, welcome! I’m glad you came by.

(Lots of new friends from SITS who are also doing the “31 Days to build a better blog” Challenge. (waves to them!)

Today’s assignment was to highlight a previous post that you really liked. Looking back over the past few months, I decided to go with “Self Authority *is* Important” from May 23rd.

In my experience working with the Guides, they seek to empower you rather than have you rely on them as the sole source of that intuitive information.

As an example, I was talking with a client who felt called to move to another state but wasn’t sure where to go. She asked her Guides to tell her where to move.

Their response? They suggested she lay out a map in front of her and run her hands over it slowly. See what states she felt intuitively drawn to by that method. Then narrow it down and do it again until she gets to a few choices that are feasible for her to visit.

That’s much more empowering and a better fit for her because she would be the one making the decision rather than the Guides saying “Go to Colorado”. It comes from *inside* her rather than a source outside herself.

Learning to trust what you get intuitively is the ultimate resource … not your Guides, not another intuitive, but yourself. Once you’ve got that part down, co-creating with the Guides can take you to another level entirely.

So, here’s an excerpt of that original post (but go read the whole thing, k?)

… how do you learn to rely on yourself when it comes to matters of importance in your life? How much reliance on intuitive readings is *too* much? Anything not done with a sense of balance and an eye for intention can cause problems.

For example, I use a pendulum in situations where I am too close to it to move my emotions to the side easily. Do I take it out every five seconds and check whether I should be doing this or that? No. But it’s like a new skill – when you first learn it, you want to practice it every day! After a while, you learn how to integrate that skill so that it’s in balance with the rest of your life.