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That was one of the search terms that brought someone to my site. I’m not quite sure how ( perhaps this post?)but such are the wonders of the internets, yes?

So, beings as I’m already in writing withdrawal (and bless those sweet souls of you who told me you’ll be in PI reading withdrawal), I thought I’d opine about this a bit.

Now, personally, I don’t believe in this character called “the devil” or Satan or Dick Cheney, whichever of the nicknames he gets called. (Okay, I’m pretty sure Dick Cheney is real but not entirely human.)

I don’t.

I’ve never believed it despite all the hub-bub about it being true.

While I wish I could give you three reasons I don’t believe Satan exists, it’s that old “I just know what I know.” thing for me.

Fine, if you insist, here are my top three reasons I don’t believe in the devil:

1) I do not believe there’s a force for evil out there as big as God is the force for good. There’s free will to do all manner of stupid stuff (and mean stuff) but I don’t accept that there’s a creature who whispers in our ear telling us to do bad things.

2) Really, IF there were a force for evil, don’t you think he’d choose a different outfit? Maybe Darth Vader’s comes close to what I’d imagine but this red jumpsuit with horns and a pitchfork? Feh. I’m not a’skeert of you! (I am a wee bit scared of Dick Cheney Darth Vader, though.)

3) My Goddaughter once told me that she thought hell was “separation from God” and that, I could get with. I don’t think God/Creator/Universe is some big judgy dude up in the sky. I don’t think there’s a “Hell” (as a place to be sent to vs. Heaven) even.

Perhaps (and I don’t know this for sure, duh) there is a process that when we transition back to the non-physical, we understand the bigger picture and what lessons we got. We review how we lived in this incarnation and work on doing it better or differently next time (if a next time is wanted). If there’s any separation from Creator, it’s by our own hand (for whatever reason). Free will, yo.

What do you think? Does the entity known as “The Devil” exist for you? Why or why not? (You don’t need to provide three reasons!)

Also too: Friday, the winner of the contest from the other day announced – a 30 minute session with yours truly – FREE!!!

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