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Last Saturday, my pal Christine and I tried a new experience – we went to spend time in a flotation tank. You know what that is, right?

FloatIt’s where you get nekkid, step into warm, salty water in a dark enclosed space and basically lie there for an hour with no sound. Doesn’t that just sound like big fun?

(Claustrophobics, I hear you cringing way over here!)

Those of you who have worked with me know that I am highly skilled at moving right on out of my body and into the ether to dance with Guides and Teachers in Spirit. I thought this adventure of floating in salty water in the dark would be right up my alley. Float on, baybeee!

Yeah, no.

Nekkid me (yes, this is all done in a private space so I wasn’t scaring anyone with said nakedness) entered the chamber (shown above) and slid down into the water. Warm, nice, yes. But for some reason, my body wanted to try to control the experience and I was worried about sinking or drowning (in 2″ of water, but whatever). I tried to hold my head out of the water so my hair didn’t get too wet and I was just uncomfortable as all get out.

How am I going to last 60 minutes in this space? UGH. Can I just get out now?

Then I heard my Guides say “Trust your body to keep you safe”. No, I thought. I will do no such thing! Can’t I just float out and play on the astral plane? Please?

Nope. “Trust your body to keep you safe” they said again. (and again, and again, and again! Jeez, they are stubborn buttheads.)

So, to shut them up, I allowed the back of my head to go under the water, my hands up over my head and I laid there. My body got weirdly crampy and I wanted to get up but I heard them again saying “Trust your body to keep you safe”.

At that point, there wasn’t much else to do so I sank all the way into the warm water, fully submerged my head as much as possible (covering my ears) and surrendered to the notion that, indeed, my body WILL keep me safe.

Surrender is an interesting thing. It brings up all kinds of resistance and visions of foot-stomping and just STUFF. After a while, though, it faded and I melted into the water, feeling a lot more peaceful than when I started this adventure.

Before I knew it, the music came on to signal the end of the hour-long session and I stood up, felt for the door and opened it into the light. As I showered the ton of salt off, I felt something I have not felt very often.

I was grounded in my own body for almost the first time in my adult life. It’s a difference I have felt ever since that session. It wasn’t fleeting and it hasn’t disappeared.

It was a complete shift in how I BE in the world. And it took just one hour and my willingness to go to a scary place (literally and figuratively) to get to the other side. Who knew?

One hour really can change your whole life.