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***NEW CLASS!***
Manage your *own* energy starts in June!

What is it?
Do you find that everyone has been dumping their feelings on you for so long that you can’t tell what concerns are rightfully yours anymore?

Learn to turn your empathy on and off at will – so you can choose when and if you want to pick up on the feelings being deposited in your emotional backyard.

In this two part tele-class, I’ll share the different kinds of empath gifts (emotional, physical, etc) so you can see where you are in that group and discuss the energetic hazards of walking around with your empathy wide open.

(Here’s a hint: it gets in the way of pursuing your path and purpose!)

But most important of all – you’ll learn techniques that can help you turn that empathy thermostat down so you are in control of how you use these wonderful skills..

How do you know if you’re an empath?

Do you…
• Feel emotionally drained after hanging out with certain people?
• Experience physical pain in your body for no reason?
• Feel distraught, hopeless or depressed when watching the news?
• Think other people’s issues are always more important than your own?
• Hear or feel what animals and plants need?
• Know exactly what it feels like to be another person?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you ARE an empath!

In this class, you’ll receive:
• Two 45-minute audio-classes on how to manage your empathy (mp3 files that you can keep and listen to at your leisure)

• Two one-hour LIVE Q&A calls with me to get answers to your personal situation (by phone)

• Recordings of all the live calls

• Exclusive e-book that contains the transcript and empath management techniques

• Worksheets to supplement your practice of these skills

Class Information:

• In part 1 of the audio-class, I will help you discover your own type of empathic gift(s). I will also explain why many empaths walk around wide-open taking in everyone else’s stuff and how this gets in the way of you pursuing your path and purpose.

• In part 2 of the audio-class, I will go over techniques to get you from an unskilled empath to a skilled empath. Upon learning this, you’ll able to open up as you CHOOSE. We will also discuss what are the results of pulling that energy back into yourself for your own use.

• In each of the live Q&A calls, we’ll go over the material from the audio-classes and I’ll  answer questions about your own situation, as well as coach you on how to tweak your skill development and learning process.

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Step It Up
Want a bit more individualized coaching on using those fabulous empathy skills in your day-to-day life? Come work with a skilled empath (me!) who can help you find just the right way to manage your own unique set of skills. Email me for more information

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