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Have you ever worked out a disagreement with someone in your dreams and had the actions reverberate here in the physical? I have. Several times.

Here’s the most recent story:

(Everyone curl up around the campfire, put your marshmallows on a stick and get them all toasty and listen in!)

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She worked in a place with many other people. All of them pretty nice people with whom to spend the day.

Out of nowhere (it seemed to the girl), one person stopped talking to her. And it was obvious that this person was avoiding her. The girl wondered what she had done to cause this and looked over her actions of the past few weeks but couldn’t find anything that jumped out at her. After much pondering, she decided it wasn’t something she did but rather something he was going through. And she (tried to) put her fears aside.

Still, she had little tiny doubts poke at her. One day, in the lunchroom, she caught him alone and asked “is everything okay?”. He stuttered “yes” and almost ran out of the room. This did nothing to dispel her concerns. (Sometimes she worries a little too much. Or so she’s told by her sorta carefree husband.)

This went on for months. It felt odd to the girl because even though she knew that it wasn’t about her, it felt that way. Try as she might, she couldn’t shake the feeling. One night, she had a very vivid dream. In the dream, this person came into her work area and sat down. He said “I want to apologize for avoiding you. I was upset about some stuff going on with my Aunt. I don’t know why it got directed at you.” The girl softened. She replied “It felt very pointed.” “I know” he said. “But it wasn’t about you. I’m sorry.” Then he left. She woke up feeling at peace with the situation.

Back at work, she wondered if that what had happened in the dream was really a meeting between them or just something her mind made up to assuage her fears. Who can say, right?

To her surprise, once he returned from vacation, this person who had been avoiding her for months started speaking to her again. He no longer went out of his way to hide from her. In fact, he was back to being his open, friendly self again. ::boggle::

Moral of the story: Will wonders ever cease? (I hope not!)

Hmm, could there be something to this? As I said, this has happened to me a few times. While the dream above happened spontaneously, you can often set your intention to contact another in the dreamtime and work out conflicts. Try it and see what happens. Maybe you won’t remember it, maybe nothing will happen. But it’s interesting to check out, just for fun.

Has this ever happened to you? Wanna share?

(Seriously, how cute is that picture? I’m gonna have to get it as a poster. It makes my heart happy!)